15 August 2005

Another Roomate bites the dust!!

On Saturday Trevor and Anne were married. Congratulations to them both - it was great to have a part in their day.....

14 August 2005

What did you do with your week

This is the only picture I have of it right now, but I spent the week putting up a giant line array in Compass Point Bible Church. Didn't have time for much else.

7 August 2005

Ok, in my last post I admitted that I've been lazy in posting - I hope to remedy that now.

This summer I've taken some time to visit various different churches. So far only in K-W, but more are on the sched. Today I was over to Comunity Fellowship Church to visit. It's a little Willow Creek in my mind, but they do that style well. I did apreciate the teaching of Ken Taylor for sure. He is working through a summer series on the fruit of the spirit - nothing life changing, but certainly a good look at each. This week was Kindness - will a neat little detour to the parable of the "Good Samaritan"

The facility in really nice. They cheaped out on elements of the sound system. It's in my nature to notice those things first... shoot, we should all be suprised that wasn't my first comment. Things could sound a bit better. I think the band was solid, but because of poor sound/mixing - it's hard to tell. (Church FOH mixers of the world.... vocals in church are important - they should be in the front of the mix - not.... saxophone????!)

The church does the Willow Creek model well, but it just seems very glossed over for me. But a good teacher helps. just my $.02