28 December 2005

Alternative Worship

Andrew Jones writes:
"A postmodern worship service probably is more like a stack of pancakes than a string of pearls. Postmodern minds get bored with a single, progressive medium. The problem is not that their attention span is short but that it is broad. It responds best when challenged with multitasking.Ask the question, 'What other media could we run simultaneously that would enhance the worship experience?' The various combinations of juxtaposed media will speak volumes. Random connections will arise organically and prophetically.

Sort of stumbled across this artice off of Jones' main site it's worth the read... Always love to see (read) what others are doing.... different.

This one again.

So here I am again.

"wow, haven't posted in a long time"

... 'course no one has complained, so I guess no one cares.

back to life.