16 May 2005

The worst foods to eat over a keyboard

Should Coke not be on this list? Or how about a "double double" coffee?
The worst foods to eat over a keyboard: ZDNet

12 May 2005

Emergent thoughts?

The more I read about this "emergent" idea... it's amaizing to see the variety of ideas out there.

Christdot :: Christ. Period.: "grrrendel writes 'Instead of creating fresh new ways to bring the Gospel into the culture, Mr. McLaren and associates are trying to bring the culture into the Gospel—if they retain the Gospel at all. What could have been an awesome reawakening of historic Christianity will, if left in these unfaithful hands, be a Trojan horse for liberalism in the evangelical community.'"

11 May 2005

The Gospel according to LEGO

The Empty Tomb

Gotta love fottrot

This made me laught today

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Behold the Gig!

I posted some pic of the gig over at Rahbe's site

My Life Is Tasty, Wanna Bite?: Behold the Gig.

9 May 2005


Just good old fun

What's on Jesus' iPod?

I love this sort of thing. It's even better than the WWJD.... some where I heard a guy that wrote a book about what kind of car Jesus would drive........ I digress.

"You know he has one. You know it's the big 60GB model, loaded, flawless and gleaming and radiating a strange liquid ethereal glow and couched in a beautiful custom rainbow-colored biodegradable case made of clouds and eagle feathers and wine.

What's on it is, after all, a pertinent query. It is the modern-day personality test. Your iPod's contents are now considered more revealing than your porn collection or your prescription drug addiction. Jesus is a monster music fan. You just know it. After all, Jesus was an agitator. Jesus protested. Jesus battled the demons of the status quo and he defied the sad dictatorial norms of his day and as such the Holy iPod is surely home to a huge number of songs of protest and resistance and hope, rebellion and triumph and joy. Just for starters." Christdot

What's in a name

There have been many thoughts on what this new church falls under... you know "emergent", "post modern" etc. But more and more it's interesting to see how some churches in general are changing their actual names to avoid being grouped with others.

"A certain type of subculture is associated with Baptists. We could spend all our time explaining, 'No, we're not that type of Baptist.' Or, we could change our name."
The Argus


When God lines things up..... wow!

So my cousin Greg got married on the weekend, and during the usual wait between ceremony and reception Sharon and I were invited to my sister-in-law's house to kill the time. Also invited was a common friend Sarah. She was on her own because both her husband and my brother were in the wedding party.

Any how, we had a great time sitting around and talking about life, and as usual I ended talking about the "Gig". I spent some time talking about how I see that things will happen, how we will get involved with the community and ideas on the venue side of things. (Wow, do I ever like to steal Rob's language at times) I mentioned that the one person that we really need to find is a venue guy...someone that can run things there, which is a creative promo guy and can book events. Sarah's eyes were really big. She went on to explain that Marty, her husband, and she have really felt called to Kitchener. They didn't know why... no family, I am the only friend they have there, but God had really been talking to them each time they are there or drove past.

the short story on Marty is that he is this genius of a promotions guy and back in the day we put on some fun concerts and air bands. We both went into radio at the same time and he still is working there as the promotions director of the Fan 590 but he's tired of that. I want him to meet Rob and talk about it in depth.... but he seemed excited just about the idea.

It is so cool to see God as the architect on this whole thing

4 May 2005

Free Steak Anyone?

Ok, I don't know how cheap you are? If you want two free steaks you can call 1-800-783-8295 and get a coupon for M&M Meats. It's the fine print on the latest Bud Light and M&M's promotion, but thanks to Ontario Law -- NO Purchase Nessisary --

M&M Meat Shops - Free Offer

mmmm steak ;)

Timothy Good - UFO Authority

It's nothing new to spend time YaGoohoo!gling one's own name (well, I assume that everyone has tried this at least once)

I just always worry about what comes up

Timothy Good - UFO Authority

I also know there is a guy in the Listowel area that is mad at me for those days I was on the radio... something about stealing his name or not liking that people always thought he was me.

wow that was off topic

3 May 2005



My new search site!!!

Stupid Site of the day

What I like to call "Watch it Shred.com"

and all Trevor can say is "where do you find this stuff?"

hmmm where do I find this stuff?

I think I just found a new book to read....

The Dying Church: "Is the task of a mission community to maintain itself? Organizational constraints quickly eclipse the theological assumption that particular communities exist for their mission. The community owns property, has staff, makes commitments, and must therefore ensure that the budget is raised and the program continued. Maintenance replaces mission as the guiding principle of the community's life. The challenge confronting the church in North America is a radical one. It is that neither maintenance nor survival is an adequate purpose for any particular community or ecclesial structure. The organizational structures that guarantee maintenance and survival are often missiologically questionable. These structures may be transformable, but they are not justifiable as they are...

Business as usual will not work if our local congregations are to become missional. We must be willing to question our value systems, particularly with regard to property, wealth, and endowments.

We must scrutinize the criteria of success that we transfer to the church from our society... (Missional Church, pp.240-241)"

Sing with me... If I had 35 Million Dollars..

In his letter to the Kitchener Record editor (sorry they don't have letters to the editor online) Andrew Teichroeb writes:

In the April 5 Record, I read the article, Plows May Get $35M Home; Kitchener Councillors Back New Storage Maintenance Buildings, about how the City of Kitchener is planning on spending $35 million for a new "home" for their snow plows. As a volunteer worker with the homeless and an advocate for social justice, I could not pass up the opportunity to address the irony of this idea. Do we as a society truly believe that a new "home" for machines is a higher priority than providing homes for the many homeless people on our streets (our neighbours)? Isn't providing life-giving help to even a few, more important than protecting giant hunks of metal that need no protection? The purpose of this letter is not to attack the City of Kitchener. Rather, it is to question the ideology of an affluent society that lets the disadvantaged and the marginalized fall by the way-side, while looking to its own selfish interests. We all must re-examine where our priorities lie. We can and must do better.

Not a bad point.... Thanks to Alan W. for pointing it out to me... see I do read all those forwards