30 October 2005

Hey wanna try and win some funky head phones

Gizmodo is running a giveaway on some great headphones.... I signed up, feel free to do so likewise if you like.

Shure E3g Earphones Giveaway

If you don't win.... I know a someone that will sell them to you

30.... That was fun

So my friends and family managed to surprise me at The Gig last night. Sharon Williams was able to pull off what I had said the group of friends would not be able to do.
I'll give you the history. We have thrown a few surprise birthday partys for people in the past and well, lets just say it was sloppy. So, I had said they would never be able to throw one for me.
So I had planned that Dad, Mom, Terry and Kris would come down for supper at 5:00. I had a suspision that something was up. Now, I should say that they did get me to The Gig with out me thinking that the party was there.... anyway there were a few things. See Rob is a hugh birthday guy and has rescued me from crappy bithday planns before. He had taken a "well if we can get togther after you parents leave" sort of nonchalant, whatever happens, happens. Not very Rob but not a totally give away.

But it dosen't really matter - the fact is I'm really glad that everyone showed up. And I'm glad that they worked so hard. I would post some pictures - but my camera didn't work. Dad sent me one, maybe I can get a few more

28 October 2005


26 October 2005

post 'em if you got 'em

I figured I've taken the pictures I might as well put them up.

this is The Gig leadership team.
(bottom left - clockwise)
Rob Abbott's big head
Martin Chiarot
Sara Chiarot
Trevor Anderson (Anne had to be in Brantford)
Brian Courtney
Sarah Courtney
Bec Abbott

and no I didn't forget you Linc.

Why I love Sales Reps

Thanks to John who makes the office laugh all the time.... glad there are other people that get bored in a day.

There are more if anyone wants to see them

20 October 2005

well.... I knew it hurt, but.....

So there I was sitting in the changing room wearing my pretty blue paper smock waiting for the x-ray technician to tell me I could go.

"Is this the first time you've had you hip x-rayed?" she asks from the other side of the curtain.
"Yep, it is" I replied.
yeah, that's not good I thought to myself.

Now listen, I'm not the type of person that automatically thinks things are bad. But, lets face it. The reason people don't go and see the doctor is that it's one thing to hurt.... It's another to know that there is something wrong. Fine line? Maybe but I think it's true.
Anyway, I could just tell that she saw something. Ofcourse I couldn't say anything because I had read the sign on the way in that said (something like) "technician is legally prohibited from discussing any results, you doctor will be forwarded....bla bla bla." But her tone said enough... something was a bit weird.... weird as in - "HOLY COW WHAT IS GROWING ON YOU LEG" well, maybe not... but sort of

So anyway, fastforward to tonight. About 7:30 the phone rings - it's my doctor. Seems this pain that I've had in my hip is Arthritis.... Severe Arthritis. Infact there is even some in my "good" hip.
Well, that explains why it hurts all the time. duh.

So anyway there you go... not even 30 yet and yet another part of my body falling apart.

Mom, was asking what I wanted for my birthday. I don't know - a wheelchair ;)

For those scoring at home.
Here's the list:
Acute Tachycardia
Enlarged Heart
ventricle Regurge
Losing Hair ;)

19 October 2005

Wow! Only a month behind

Some of you will know that my main computer has been down for almost three weeks. There have been multiple frustrations with that none the less being that I didn't have access to some pictures that I had wanted to post. (more on stupid computers later)

This is me wearing my homemade light hat.... The cool part is we connected it into the house lights and the light guy could control my hat with the house system.

That was JR Pitch. I always have a blast MCing with Soha and this year I think we did one of our best jobs.... I know this because, at lease so far, no one has said we sucked.

10 years of EBC Basketball!

I know, hard to believe.... Not that I've been around EBC that long, but that I am crazy enough to be talked into playing once more. I guess I have some sort of strange addiction. Now for my Mom and the other two people that care about my health :) - yes, my hip is killing me everyday... Yes, my knee throbs in bed at night... but it's basketball.

enough said. Nope.

I'm not sure why I want to play. Maybe I find satisfaction in beating a rookie that is 12 years younger than me. Maybe I find some sense of belonging. Maybe I really, really, really, like basketball and hate to thing that I might have to stop.

So for all to see. I will not play if the Doctor tells me I can't.
That will happen next week after the X-rays come back

by the way I'm not going to ASK if I shouldn't play

15 October 2005

Ding! -today's like minded person alert

I really love people who can put into words what I am thinking.

Relevant churches are rarely even closely relevant. Most Christians don't even like them. They might be better than Mom and Dad's morning service, but they usually are quite irrelevant to the outsider. The church person cannot 'guess' what the seeker wants, undoubtedly getting it wrong. What Christians need to do is create meaningful worship through bringing their very own lives to God. Worship must reflect the culture of the community that is currently part of the church, not replicate current worship CDs, nor 1980s soft rock, nor 18th century hymns. Instead of mimicking other church cultures, the community collectively brings their own idiosyncratic ways of life to God, whatever they may be.

Link to TheBolgBlog (nice name by the way)

Via Jordan Cooper

13 October 2005

Have you missed me?

not likely..... ;)

I have been adding stuff over at Rob's Blog. so check some of that stuff out

4 October 2005

The power of Google

Isn't Google an amazing thing?

First off it has become part of our lanugage. In fact Google is fighting to keep its name out of the dictionary - BBC NEWS - The company dosen't like the fact the its name has become a verb.

But it's amazing what happens when I "google" someone; friends, strangers, myself....

Forgotten events come out of nowhere..... or nothing at all.

In my case "Tim Good" and I recomend adding Kitchener, otherwise you see a lot of:

Was Tim Good Abducted
Tim Good's Autumn Tax Update
Tim Good, Ph.D.

None of these people are me.

But if you are one of the Tim Good's I'd love to hear from you.