11 September 2006

So you want to start recording services on CD (or other Digital)?

The era of the analog tape has ended. We now live in a digital age and to a certain extent churches are doing their best to get caught up. It is hard to find a household or car that doesn’t have a CD player and many people have stopped using their cassettes altogether. The major duplication companies (e.g. Telex) have completely stopped making tape duplicators. In fact, the cost of buying blank tapes has pushed many churches into looking at CD duplication. The CD has become the standard by which people expect recorded material to be distributed on.

Advantages to consider:
- Maximum 80 minutes of audio per disc
- Digital. Quality is better than analog cassette tape and CDs can be copied over and over without any generation loss.
- Most discs are made to label or write on

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Our service is longer than 80 min. What do you suggest?
A: Most churches have realized that what people really want to “take home” is the sermon. Rarely will people want to hear the worship time, announcements, offering etc. There are some exceptions to this – mostly relating to shut-ins and people that were not in attendance. A CD with the sermon only usually meets the needs of the congregation.

Q: We want to record more than the sermon. What else works?
A: Many churches have also found success by choosing to only record a few songs of worship or pause the CD recorder during some portions of the service.
There are also CD burners that will record starting on one disc and continue to the second. But keep in mind that now 2 CDs will have to be distributed.

Q: Can we continue to record on tape as well as add a CD recorder?
A: Yes the record signal from the console can be split and run to both machines.

Q: Can we record to a computer (or other device) and then edit to fit a CD?
A: Yes you can. But keep in mind that it becomes a task to edit before the file can be burned to a CD. It is one more job that must be done by a member of the congregation. Also a good computer and proper sound card are necessary to properly record audio.

Q: We currently have a computer for displaying songs (PowerPoint etc) Can we use the same computer to record the services?
A: Yes and No. Graphical programs and Audio programs both use a great deal of system resources and it might load down most computers. A very new computer with a lot of processing power might be able to handle it. But use caution.
Also, keep in mind that Video and Audio usually have separate operators, who now are both trying to share one computer to do their tasks.

Q: What are the duplication options when recording to CD?
A: CD duplication units are available for all sizes of distribution. Starting with simple “1 to 1” units ranging to the “1 to 16” tower units. No matter what the size these units are very simple to operate and come in variety of bay sizes to meet the individual needs of your church.

Q: In the past we dubbed tapes one at a time. Is that possible with CDs?
A: Yes there are two bay CD recorders that can dub bay to bay. Also the “play” bay can be used during the service to play any program material.

Q: Can we make multiple CD copies (duplicate) ?
A: Yes you can. The advantage of duplicators is that they are designed for that task. It is as simple as put the master copy in and start the duplicator. Windows XP machines do make the process quite easy and it is ultimately an issue of how much time is required to make copies on the computer vs. a high-speed duplication machine

Q: Is there a way to label or print on these CDs?
A: Of course there is always the reliable “Sharpie” marker. But, yes there are a variety of options for printing. For small batches, many churches will just buy labels and print off as many as necessary on a standard office printer. Beyond that there are Disc printers that actually print directly to printable discs, Also, there are “Publishing” duplicators that will do the job of both burning and printing to each copy of the disc and can work in volumes over 100 discs at a time.

Here are some Pros and Cons of the various formats available with the approximate cost of each option.

CD Recording:

- Standard household format.
- Easy to use. (Just hit record)
- Digital format that is easy to copy
- Limited to the 80 Minute CD format

Approximate Cost: $750 - $1200 (CAD)

Wav/Mp3 (Device) Recording

- Digital format – easy to import to edit software
- Length of recording time of up to 8 hours depending on quality.
- Must be Edited to fit on 80 min CD format
- Small equipment size (Single space rackmount)
- Must be copied to computer and edited to burn to CD

Approximate Cost: $1350 - $1500 (CAD)
(Recorder and 2 Gig compact flash card – not including editing computer)

Software Based Recording

- Ability to edit recorded material
- Length of recording only limited by physical memory of computer
- Someone MUST edit to fit on 80 min CD format
- A computer with proper system requirements and a quality (usually external) sound card are necessary
- Can be a slow turn around time for distribution
- Above average ability (or some training) required.
- Must be recorded onto media for hard copy distribution.

Approximate Cost: $1800 –? (Varies by quality of computer) (CAD)

There are various good “freeware” audio-editing programs that are available for public use. One we would recommend is Audacity http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

7 September 2006

A change of direction

What is a blog?

For some people it is pouring out their soul about the stuff that is happening in life
That not for me.
For some people it is a bunch of links without any real context
Tried that , but what is the really point when for the most part I am just lifting them all from other place
For some it is a deep spiritual statment - with the goal of starting converstaion.
I like to read those, but I get bogged down tring to create the content myself

So for over a month I've not bothered to post.

Today in searching for a bass line to "Hungry" I came across a blog started by the artist behind the song Katherine Scott (and also the name of her blog). She has written a number of small articles about her experience on worship etc.

To be honest it inspired me to look at putting some of my experience down for others to come across. To write articles from the technical (and I guess the bass) side of worship, church and life. Maybe at the least it will inspire some other techie to do something.

So hopefully this is the start of little more consistent blogging. I don't promise every day, but I'll do my best to offer what I've got

6 July 2006

Why the "loudness wars" are killing today's music

collision detection:

"Pull out a vinyl record from the 70s or early 80s, and listen to it. Odds are it'll have a big dynamic range -- it'll be whisper-quiet in some parts and booming loud in others. You'll pick up new nuances every time you listen to it. Now listen to any music track recorded in the last ten years, and it'll be radically different. That dynamic range is gone: The entire track is loud, all the way through. The sound sounds a lot more intense, and it 'grabs' you more quickly the first time you hear it. But does it still reward re-listening?"


Guardian Unlimited Film | Interviews | What a difference a day makes: Has an article with Kiefer Sutherland, which is not a bad read. I like this part

24 things you didn't know about 24

1 Jack Bauer has killed 112 people over the five years of the show. Season 4, during which he dispatched 44 'hostiles', was his best ever; in the first season he managed a lacklustre 10.

2 Kiefer Sutherland heard that American college students use 24 as a drinking game, downing a shot every time Jack Bauer says 'damn it'. So he changed the script in one episode to have Jack say 'damn it' 14 times in one hour.

3 Another frat-house game is to monitor Jack's flouting of the Geneva Conventions. In season 2 he shot a key suspect under interrogation in the heart before beheading him. In season 3, he executed a colleague on the president's orders.

4 Jack's entry codes for CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit) are 4393 and Q22Q17

5 For season 2, a prototype script was written in which each (non real-time) episode would span 24 hours, but execs decided to stick to the original format.

6 During season 4 an incoming call number was shown on a character's mobile phone. More than 50,000 fans dialled the number - only to find it was real and belonged to one of the crew.

7 More than 20 lead characters have died in seasons 1-5.

8 Jack Bauer has actually died twice. In season 2 he was tortured, burned and tazered to death before miraculously coming round. In season 4 he was shot dead; then Tony Almeida injected him with epinephrine and he recovered.

9 Executive Producer Evan Katz once said: 'We make a lot of it up as we go along.'

10 24 was the first TV show to embrace real-time - the clock keeps ticking during ad breaks and there are no flashbacks.

11 Of course, it's not quite as simple as that. Three minutes are in fact gradually added to the timer during the ad breaks.

12 Almost all scenes are shot at head height.

13 We've never seen Jack eating, sleeping or going to the toilet. As a joke for season 5 he was filmed exiting the bathroom, eating a sandwich and wearing his pyjamas. It didn't make the final cut.

14 What might have been: 'The original iteration of 24 was that we were going to do 24 hours in the life of a wedding ... kind of a romantic comedy series.' (Creator Joel Surnow)

15 In the US, the Fox network had to screen adverts during season 4 episodes showing 'positive' images of Muslims, to counter charges of Islamophobia.

16 Everyone on the programme has to sign pledges not to reveal the plot.

17 Former presidential candidate and Republican Senator John McCain is such a fan of 24 he landed himself a walk-on part.

18 Blooper alert! The Californian presidential primary - the backdrop to season 1 - is held in March, not June.

19 The premiere was due to air in the US just one month after 9/11. Following the attacks, a shot of a 747 exploding was removed and the screening was delayed.

20 Jack's daughter, Kim, has been held captive in one form or other eight times.

21 Sarah Clarke was cast as Nina Myers on the morning filming was due to begin for the pilot episode.

22 Glenn Morshower, Kiefer Sutherland, Carlos Bernard and Dennis Haysbert are the only actors to appear in all five seasons.

23 To speak fluent Jack, use the following phrases often: 'Where's Kim?', 'Who are you working for?', 'Get down on the ground!' and, of course, 'Damn it!'

24 Fox commissioned two more series of 24 in May. A feature film will begin production next year, with parts to be shot in London.

2 July 2006

A better wall plug

A new plug design, angled out from the wall to make it easier to plug things in or out. It was created by University of Notre Dame student Julia Burke, and won an IDSA award this year.

Looks like an interesting way to try it.

read more | digg story
Today is the Rev. Robert Abbott's 36th birthday.
Happy Birthday Old Man.

1 July 2006

Happy Canada Day

Just sitting at the computer enjoying a coffee, paying some bills and letting the breeze roll in the window. An excellent day in Kitchener.

I have to head to The Gig to clear out the sound gear so that we can clean things up to hang the lights on Monday. Might even get a chance to wash the truck.

Happy Canada Day

30 June 2006

Supposing ... I'm too old for MySpace

Charlie Brooker: Supposing ... I'm too old for MySpace:
"I don't 'get' it. I mean, I know what MySpace is and what it's supposed to do and how influential it is. It's just that whenever I've visited a MySpace page I've thought 'is that it?' and wandered around the perimeter looking confused, like a blind man patting the walls for an exit he can't find.

So users create a page and upload their music and photos and videoclips; they post blog entries and links to other stuff and leave witty little messages for one another. And it all meshes together to form a thriving social network. Okey dokey. On the surface it all makes sense.

Yet it's not for me. I mean, I could go and create a page myself, but somehow I'd rather scrape my retina off with a car key."

Morning thoughts

Brea is heading for Windsor for a wedding this morning and stopped at the shop to say hi before leaving and brought me a Starbucks' Carmel Sugar Flappa Mappa(or something like that)

Of course I enjoyed it and when it was done I started reading what was on the cup.

The Way I See It #101
The most valuable things in life are
priceless. They are courage,
compassion, wisdom, respect for
ourselves and others and a host of
characteristics that we call the beauty
of the human spirit

-- Herbie Hancock

Ok before you think that I have gone nuts and my comments is on this quote and some deep emotional response you need to see what is written below the quote.

This is the author's opinion, not necessarily that of Starbucks

Is this how they try to weasel out of being accountable for what it says.?.. This isn't a talk show were somebody could accidentally say something stupid this is a coffee cup with a quote that you choose to print. It's not like Starbucks is going to allow anything controversial on the cups...

Oh wait I have an idea.

The Way I See It #102
I am the way and the truth
and the life.
No one comes to the Father
except through me.

-- Jesus Christ

I bet they could use the disclaimer then.

Maybe I've had too much caffeine today

29 June 2006

Too much time on your hands?

click on me

Bass Player Infractions

This was passed along to our shop a while ago by one of our guitar playing sales reps.

If you play with/are a bass player this is kind of fun.
Forgetting strap $10
Changing strings after every set $15
Using electric tuner $15
Setting up mic "just in case" $75
Forgetting to turn amp on $40
Bringing amp larger than 1 person can carry in 1 trip $50
Asking horn player for help moving amp $25
Bringing custom-made bass $100 per string above 4
Bringing more than 1 bass $100 per extra bass

Skull decals on bass $150
Bringing fretless bass $500
The full list is here

28 June 2006

Attention Drivers

The far right lane is the driving lane.
All lanes to the left are passing lanes.

If no one is in the right lane and you are in one of the left lanes;

MOVE OVER!!!!!!!

I don't care where you feel comfortable, if you don't like driving the right way - take a bus, plane, or walk. I don't #&%$ing care - but get out of the way.

I'm done..... back to work

27 June 2006

Random thoughts and links

Is it really fair to have a story like....
"Giant rubber band ball idea circles back around again"
and not have a picture of the ball.... c'mon people

For all you people that have been worried about credit and ID cards being a sign of the end times, you might want to check this out. Floridians Can Now Pay With Their Finger

'nuff for now

26 June 2006

What's sacred to you?

The Charlotte Observer has the story
"What's sacred to you?

'What is your most sacred object?'

How would you respond if a stranger approached and asked you that question? Would you give her a quizzical look? A blank stare? Or would you take a moment to tell her a story about what is most sacred to you, a story you might never have told anyone else?

I set out to see how people in their 20s and 30s would respond to the query. Venturing from the Jewish Community Center on Providence Road to the Islamic Masjid al-Mustafa on The Plaza, from Halal Market & Deli on North Sharon Amity to the Apple Store at SouthPark mall, I posed the question, and people generously shared their stories of the sacred."

Via x.

Let's sing together.... it's a small world after all, It's a small world....

Have you ever been reading along in someone's blog and come across a picture of someone you actually know? I don't mean in the context of reading your sister's blog and find a picture of your mom - c'mon

Today I was catching up on some of my favorites.
I was reading some of Mark Lee's stuff on "This Guy Falls Down"
(a bit of a side note, he is part of the band Third Day, which I've never been a big fan of... I reconize that they do great stuff - but I just felt that I like his writting style and his book of the month stuff and I am not reading just because I am a fan of the band) and he had a link to a blog called "Normal Rockstar" who had this post

I'll assume that you have actually linked to it now.

And look who it is --- Mr. Dave Fretz messing with church signs in the West

Ok, so if you don't know who Dave is, I guess none of this means much... but it is kind of a neat six degrees of seperation type thing.

I wonder if Mark Lee know Kevin Bacon?

My secret place

I know you are wondering what an audio guy looks like when he is hiding from his troubles.....

this in leu of something good to write

23 June 2006

Friday Bla....

I admit that right now I am suposed to be doing work. I stare at the screen and have tried to force my brain to think about Audio and Video systems... I have at least three quotes that should be done by Monday and yet I'm not moving very fast.

My brain is tried of comaring DLP vs LCD projectors, or High Contrast Cinema Vision vs Pearlescent screens, or how to fit a projector that needs to hang within 15% of 21 feet from a wall when the speaker is currently hanging in that exact spot.... is there really a difference between 4500 lumens vs 5000 when the sun will shine dirctly on the screen? Do you add a video amp when one is needed at 100 ft, but you will only be running 95?

disturbing tech moment over

22 June 2006

A Good Baby

Jeff (my cousin) and Angela Good just had a baby...

Here's Jack Michael Good and Daddy


21 June 2006

20 June 2006

Crazy blinking comics

Part of my morning routine is to read "For Better or For Worse" I don't get a news paper so I just read it online. The last two mornings something weird has happened.

Click this link to go to the page - and look for youself, then read on.

(do dee do dee dooo)

Ok, did you notice anything strange?
The comics now blink.

that just seems weird to me. Maybe it's just because I have been reading them on paper for most of my life, that to see some sort of movment is just strange

12 June 2006

Hey everyone, The Gig (my church) is hosting a little

The night will be a bit of a fundraiser - so if you can afford the $5...

you can just send us $5 is you don't like ROCK AND ROLL

Monday Report

Ok, status report.

One week back to gym.

4 for 7 - Keeping in mind:
Friday I had the prep for the crown on my tooth
(more on that later)
Saturday... I was lazy
Sunday is a day of rest.

so far so good....

6 June 2006

Drinking coffee makes you more open-minded

The coffee you drink as a pick-me-up in the morning could also make you more open to persuasion, researchers say. Evidence from a new study suggests that this happens because caffeine revs up the brain, not because it generally boosts mood. (via: New Scientist)

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5 June 2006

Not enough Iron in my life.

Ok, so I haven't been posting in a long time.

ever try doing a google search on the words "long time since my last post"
Ok, not really that exciting, but something to do.

I digress.

So, tomorrow I am going to start going to the gym on a regular basis. I have become out of shape. I don't know if it is the fact that my seatbelt rubs on my gutt or the fact that I huff when moving a speaker... either way I am on the road to fat and weak.... not good.

We see how I do. I write something to keep you up to date on how well I am doing...

It's likely you will never hear from me again.

22 May 2006

10 Things I Hate About Commandments

Ok THIS made my day.
(Language warning on the very end)

and yes I know I haven't posted in a loooong time. sue me.


17 April 2006


Ok, I won't even try to make an excuse.
I know that their are a number of people that have checked in here every so often to see if any thing has changed.
If you're not listening to Sturgeon in the morning by now, you never will :)

I guess it would be good to get back to doing a little bit of bloging eh?

Ok, I will.

Maybe tomorrow.

1 March 2006

ok... slowly back to the land of the living

Ok, for starters I have never updated the little teaser that I had up last week. For those of you that didn't understand, my former buddy Dave Sturgeon is back on air at 98.5 CKWR. Aparently he really needs me so, for now, FullTime Tim is back in action as well.
I don't know how much of this needs explaining... leave a comment if you don't get it and I'll post the whole story of my former life in radio
I have agreed to work unti March 14th or so to get the show moving and up to snuff. If you want you can listen online at www.ckwr.com .... If it matters I actually do more talking than I ever did before. Hopefully people see that as a good thing. I think the show will do well. I was very tempted to get back into doing it.... unitl I had to get up at 4:00 am on Monday.

I'm a night person for sure.

So my day for the next two weeks or so is:
5:00 - 9:00 do the show
9:00 - 5:00 do the audio thing... and hope I don't have anything to do in the evening.

But hey it's kind of fun, I have to admit that.

22 February 2006

hmmm .....

Here you go... I like these questions every so often.
(not too often you bible college freaks)

Christdot :: Christ. Period.: "This is a question I've considered off-and-on for some time. If God is eternal, existing outside of time, can we pray regarding past events? As a practical example, if we happen to pass by a car accident, might we not pray, 'Lord, I pray no one was seriously injured?'

Now, I recognize that the past is a closed book. What has happened has happened, and cannot be changed. If the past had been different, then this present would not exist.

However, God exists outside time, if I understand correctly. Could not, then, He hear His people praying 10 years from now for some event that is occuring today, and answer their prayers in the future by acting in our present? Perhaps, what actually did happen in the past may have been affected by God's knowing that, in the future, someone would pray regarding the event? Perhaps, when a car accident is happening, God knows that I will pass by it later, and hears my future prayer that no one was seriously injured, and answers that future prayer by saving those involved now from serious harm?

What think ye?"

Three Dentists and the tooth

For starters the internet at work has not been working at all.
At one point today 46 kb/s dial up is 56.6 for Pete's sake!!! so what I'm trying to say... posting at work takes up much needed bandwidth.

Anti plug of the day These guys suck.

Anyhow... aside from the post below the tooth has been the only lost of income source of fun in my life the last few days.

Question: How many Dentists can you see and still have 0 work done.
Answer: So far..... three

I've seen the Hack, the Nice guy that dosen't do root canals, and the specialist that gave me another option..... Ok now part of it is my fault because I hate needles... so NEXT Tuesday I will get my root canal done... and be put almost out... woo!
(and for the low low price of $800 - 1100 dollars)

But I guess if my heart and hips don't work, I might as well have a mouth that does

21 February 2006

16 February 2006

No really.... not dead

So my world seems to be revolving around my tooth right now.

Not really that bad, but every time I eat I am very aware that it is NOT in good shape.
So where do I begin...?

I went to the dentist and he told me what I knew - giant chip, abscess nerve. ($65)
then the new information began.
I have two choices:
1) pull it out.. $90
2) root canal.. $800

Now my friend Janice (who is a Dental Assistant) said that she feels for me, but gave me all the reasons I should look at having the root canal. Things like the teeth on either side will move once there is a space and if a bridge was needed later it would cost more.

Guess I should have stayed in radio where I had dental benifits......... HA! (actually there might be more on that later.)

So ok, if that wasn't enough.... the Dentist game me a precription for something call Clindmycin (that could be off by a few letters - because I can't read the writing or pronounce it) (don't know what that will cost) but here's the thing... my cousin, Cam, had this very stuff days ago... similar tooth problem. It gave him chest pains and his Doctor told him that is was way too strong of stuff for a tooth problem.

So I figured I better call my doctor to see what this stuff mean to me. But aparently on Thursday's they don't answer the phone... tried the alternate number, but that isn't manned until 5:30...

guess I'll try again tomorrow.... maybe my tooth will stop hurting by then.

Well actually I have found a good temporary solution. I numb it with clove oil and then pack the hole wiht ortho wax. Throbs a bit... but not a sharp pain.

So that's the way this week is going.... forget what I ate for lunch.

What Happened to Tim Good's Tooth.

(oh and if you have an extra 800 bucks lying around.... )

13 February 2006

I'm not dead.

Ok, so aparently if I don't post by 11:00 on Monday after a weekend of being away people start emailing. I should have all kinds of things to write, but to be honest I just feel too tired to put proper sentences together.

I did each luch today.... sort of forgot about that. Onion Soup with a nice sandwich.

Today was the day of the toothache. I guess that is why I am so tired. It seems that tooth I chiped back in.... umm August (doh) is not in good shape. I guess it might be time to see a dentist... yeah I know.

Other wise all other information will have to wait until tomorrow.

see you then

9 February 2006

An "one for all" post

Ok, for starters. There was no WTGHFL today because A) I was out of the office and B) I have no camera today.... so lunch was sucky (did I eat lunch?)

I should have taken a picture of Breakfast but I didn't.

I'm off to Muskoka Woods again for the weekend... there will be a lack of posting until Sunday night at least.

Have a good weekend...

8 February 2006

This is kind of cool. The system that we designed and installed at Compass Point Bible Church has a featured article done on it in Professional Sound Magazine.

Yeah Yake Systems !


It's kind of crazy around here I may not have time to post on lunch

but this was breakfast.............

What Tim Good Had For Breakfast

that is Grilled Cheese with ham... some fruit and applesauce

7 February 2006

It Would Be an Honor to be Shot by Jack Bauer

Here's the fact. I read web sites... and watch little TV. The only show that I consistently watch is 24... thanks to Jon and Marty (when business meetings at The Gig go too long)
There are actually a few things I hate about the show... can you drive anywhere in LA in 20 min at 8:00 in the morning... let alone zip to three different places in under an hour and save the world
So for all you 24 fans I found this funny, I hope you do too.
(if you're not a 24 fan... WTGHFL will take place between 1:00 and 2:00 -- oh wait that was a 24 inside joke... never mind)

branthansen's Xanga Site:
"Years from now, scholars will be debating:
Did '24" A) just flat-out rock, or B) what?

I submit that "A" will ultimately win the day. "24" kicks rear end, and then takes names. My name. It kicks my rear end, and then takes my name, Brant Hansen.

My rear end kicked, and my name thusly taken, I then continue to mull why it is that "24" is so awesomely awesome.

I think it's the writing and editing. It's taut. No fat in show. Where another show might establish with a three-minute dialogue, "24" uses a mere facial gesture.

Scholars will also be hosting symposia, submitting papers, all discussing this question: Did Jack Bauer pretty much rock the casbah?
Their answer? Why, yes. Yes, he did.

By 10:39 a.m., Jack Bauer did that. And he did a whole bunch of other stuff, too. He did it without a bathroom break or well-balanced breakfast. Yes, he’s courageous, intelligent, resourceful, but above all, Jack Bauer is busy.

Frankly, there's only one metaphor to describe CIA Agent Jack Bauer's counter-terrorism busy-ness: That metaphor would be a bee.

Greatest TV drama ever.

In other news, "Lost" is stupid."

Looking for a deal

So sunday night Doug and Gisela had a bunch of us over for a "Superbowl" party. I put that in quotes because you have never been to a party with fewer football fans.... but I digress

In coversation (something about Staples and better published prices) the site Red Flag Deals came up. I said I would send Doug the link, but this will work just as well for everyone.
I know he will see this because he, like eveyone, wants to know what I will have for lunch tommorrow

So here is said link... enjoy the deals

RedFlagDeals.com - Canadian Deals, Coupons, and Freebies!


Before I get to the main event, I should mention that Linda had an awsome breakfast today... but it was gone before I thought to take a picture (this could be a problem with lunch someday... I mean how often do you hear - "Lunch is served" and think, "now, where is my camera?"


What Tim Good Had For Lunch

This is Vegtable soup with cheese and crackers, some apple and carrot cake for dessert.

The Giant Snow Bank

For those of you that don't live in the Ontario area you may not be aware of the snow that we have been getting. It came down fast and heavy and causeed all sort of trouble.

Saturday night Brea, Janice and I had the fun of driving home from Muskoka Woods when the majority of the snow was coming down. 5 hours to drive a normally 3 hour trip.

But, all that to say that there is a lot of snow on the ground.
To give you an idea here is a picture out front of the shop.

So now... if you are ready here's the link to Vineland Ontario and the Giant Snow Bank that is out front of of my parents House

see Dad, I do read your email

6 February 2006


Ok, so on day two I have hit a snag.

I don't think I will go into it here... but, there was a bit of an emergency and with good reason, I will not be provided a lunch.

BUT have no fear.
I will not have this adventure stop before it really begins - and afterall I do have to eat.

so, as promised on a daily basis is:

What Tim Good Had For Lunch

This is a Quizno's 9" Black Angus... I followed it with a Pepsi Lime (no picture included)

for anyone that is concerned about the lack of real posting... sorry I had a full weekend and just wasn't at my computer. Real posting to return soon

3 February 2006


Those close to me know I have it pretty good at work. Not in big drug plan - profit sharing - don't-really-work-cause-we're-union kind of way.

But every day I get lunch made just for me.
(well me and the boss)

Now, because everyone does not exactly understand what this means I give you...

What Tim Good Had For Lunch Today!

Ok I know this is not exactly deep, spirtiual, imformative blogging here... but it makes me laugh. and you know you want to come back to see what I get tomorrow.

(I have to get on Google's radar somehow)

2 February 2006

Today's "People Who Are Stupid"

Ahh, actually today it is ........ME.

Aparetenly if you take:

Stagg Chili and heat if for 4:00 it will be really, really hot.


I would show you picture of my tounge.... but it burned off.

What's New

Ok, so it's been a couple of busy nights and I figured it is not the best idea to spend a lot of paid work time updating. But rest assured I did not stop living for the none posting time.

Last night, thanks to a $400 gift certificate a group of us (mostly from The Gig) went to Toronto to dine at Pure Spirits Oyster Bar and Grill in the Distillery District. Whoa good eating... and a cool place to go tol. But bring a rich friend of someone that used to work for a radio station promotions department :) By the way... even to walk around the Distillery District is a cool experience, if you've got nothing to do in T.O. some day.

Tuesday night Rob, Marty and I went to Faith Family Church in Beamsville to give a presentation on all that is going on with The Gig. They are a small church, but they want to support us - very cool and some good discussion... Plus I got to drive Marty and Sara's VW Golf. With no working speedometer I made it to and home in record time :)

Laundry tonight.... I'm sure I'll have much more to post on.

30 January 2006

USB and beyone

As someone that dosen't wear any jewlery... this is what I've been looking for :)

USB Wristband

What is a Emerging Church

I found this on the weblog of the Freeway. There is a lot of good conversation happeing about these concepts. Ryan Bolger has a good blog as well fyi.

THE COLLOQUY: "What Is An Emerging Church?

I like this definition by Eddie Gibbs and Ryan Bolger in their book Emerging Churches:

Emerging churches are communities that practice the way of Jesus in postmodern cultures.

Gibbs and Bolger also identify nine practices of emerging churches:

1) They identify with the life of Jesus.
2) They transform the secular realm.
3) They live highly communal lives.
Because of these they:
4) Welcome the stranger.
5) Serve with generosity.
6) Participate as producers.
7) Create as created beings.
8) Lead as a body.
9) Take part in spiritual activities.

Some folks (like Andrew Jones and Jonny Baker) say this is the best book written on the emerging church yet. I disagree... but it is good, for sure."

27 January 2006

Blogging on NOT Blogging

Last night as I stared at the ceiling around 2 am I thought back to comments Rob made about why he never updates his blog (that is not meant as a slag... not THIS time) He said he just dosen't have time to sit down and write about what is going on at The Gig.

It's kind of funny because this whole process can get quite addictive. But I understand what he is saying because I know how busy he is with all the stuff personal and church going on in his life.

Actually he said he woudl do it if he could just write it and have someone post it for him... maybe that's what I should start doing.

I could be like this little follower that writes down everything of value that he says and post it for him
you know I want to say something like "because that wouldn't really take much time or effort :)
but I really wish there was someway to better post some of the things that are growing and happeing in and aroudn The Gig... but my blog dosen't seem like the right place to be writting that... hmm

26 January 2006

A new site

I stumble on the Burnside Writers Collective
via Donald Millar's Site.

I found this very funny.
if you don't get it...... never mind.

BWC : Top 10 Christian Books:
Sam Albertson, Michael Irvine

"1. Left Behind by Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins
2. Tribulation Force by Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins
3. Nicolae by Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins
4. Soul Harvest by Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins
5. Apollyon by Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins
6. Assassins by Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins
7. The Indwelling by Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins
8. The Mark by Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins
9. Blue Like Jazz by Don Miller
10. Desecration by Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins"

Sam Albertson and Michael Irvine LOVE the coming apocalypse!


Seems there is a pretty cool event that will happen in Toronto in April

anyone else want to go?

thanks to Mr Cooper's site

The book rotation

It's kind of funny how books go in circles - (read below on my "million little pieces" experience) and everyone seems to catch on.
I read This Guy Falls Down almost on a daily basis and I love how he has his own little book of the month club (screw Oprah)
"Once again, I'm responding to the requests of the loyal book club members. February's selection is Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. You may have heard of Bell through his work on the groundbreaking NOOMA video series. He also has written this book which has been recommended to me several times. I haven't completed this one yet (I hope to have it done by the beginning of February), but the upshot is I'll have just finished it when discussion time rolls around."

and it's cool because Brea mentioned this book this week and Rob mentioned it as well. It does look interesting... I think it's time to sell my TV to make sure I actually read these books that keep coming up..... or I could stop blogging like Rob :)

24 January 2006

Pastors, the Church, and [North]America

Bran Hansen - "Letters from Kamp Krusty" has some interesting thoughts on how the church in America has become what it is... fat and stagnant

This is a quote he posts from Charisma
"I am amazed at how much the church in America can accomplish without the Holy Spirit.'

'This is where the church in America has been confused. What are our priorities? To build the biggest and nicest buildings? To have more crowds? More money?'

'...the American church is spending most of its money on things that are not God's priorities. If the church doesn't understand the priorities of God before spending its funds, then abuse is inevitable. This abuse is observed when men and women of God eventually fall into the trap of greed.'

(regarding the successful pastor emphasis) 'Some churches in the United States look like they are sponsoring fashion shows or TV programs...In some African countries, some pastors have started imitating this Hollywood style by manipulating people to get money.'

'I wish that my American brothers realized how hurtful it is to the cause of Christ when they focus so much on material things. I am not against wealth or beautiful things, but why does a preacher need a limousine instead of a normal car? Must preachers have a huge entourage in order to enter conferences and churches? God is fed up with all these things!'
Brant askes the question do we even really need paid pastors
I'm thinking we set pastors up to compromise by sending kids to Bible college, locking them into church careers, giving them too much authority, making them choose (frequently) between what's-best-for-the-church vs. their salaries, implying -- or flat-out saying -- they have special insight unavailable to others, sending them to conferences that promote the idea that they are really C.E.O.'s of American businesses, promoting them church to bigger church, giving them lots of free time to get into trouble, often giving them small-time celebrity treatment, or, say, asking for youth trips without their wives and little children, but with fawning teenage girls. And on and on.
I know at The Gig we pay our Pastor (who never ever posts on his blog) because there is no way that you could do what he does and have a full time job. I agree that when we tell people that they are the cornerstone of where the church is going - then yeah they will end up there. But, when a pastor take a first will be last and the last first aproach and looks at his role as only a member of the vision... I hope that the result is going to be different.

gosh it comes down to ego I think.

I'm sure I'll have more to say about this I'm just getting started.


One more link if you're really into all of this from What is Church

Random post

file this under "too much time on their hands"

via Blogstar

American Idol

Why do people still try out for american idol? Why do people even watch american idol?

I just wasted five minutes of my life watching the fools that think they can sing embarrass themselves on (multi)national TV.

I can not sing - not very well at least. I know I can not sing.
Even if I did not know that I can not sing, my friends, family and who ever is left would laugh if I said I was going to try and get a record contract.

But yet all these people show up to be laughed at publicly with tape rolling.

oh well....

do they have a sound guy idol? hmmm

Free the software... Free the software

Geek Alert

For those of you that love free software.... THIS is the logest list I have ever seen

I've already downloaded some stuff that I never knew about...

for all the non-geek people... later I'll post some of my favorite free stuff for you computer. But I'm guessing that I shouldn't take that kind of time at work :)

no, really I'm designing sound systems righ now - I am.... really

Today's "People who are Stupid"

The person that invented this fax machine
(printer, scanner bla bla bla)
You are STUPID - STUPID - STUPID!!!!!!

ok back to work

19 January 2006

Road Trip!!!!!

Oh yeah, for the 2 regular readers of this blog I'm going to be gone for the weekend.

off to the BCOQ's Avanlanche Weekend at Muskoka Woods.

If you happen to be coming I'll be behind the sound board trying to keep things sounding good.


Will the real Tim Good please stand up

I get a lot of email some days.
Some days, some of it doesn't make sense... and no, I'm not talking about Alan Waugh (sorry inside joke) Today it was one of those days

I got the following:
Hello Everyone! I hope for those of you who are here in the area that you are enjoying this most fabulous weather we are having!

I am looking for a few people who would be willing to share special music with us during song service Sunday, coming up in two weeks. This could be anything from playing piano to singing in a quartet to singing a solo, etc. Please don't be shy about volunteering either. I know I sometimes feel kind of strange offering to sing, but we have gifts that God gave us to share with others and if you feel led to do that then by all means, bring it on! J

You can email me or talk to me in church on Sunday if you are interested. Also, if you do not want to receive these Taftsville group communication emails, please let me know.



First, I don't think I know a Bekah... and when I examined the addresses I didn't know anyone. (Not even the Randy & Carie Good) But I did notice my name and my gmail address
Some lucky spamer will now put 2 and 2 together..... crap

I guess somewhere in Taftsville, Vermont there is another Tim Good... who can possibly sing or play some none-bass-dwelling instrument. That people would actually like to hear played solo
Insert Bass solo here.

But it's scary interesting to think of how many Tim Good's are out there....
not counting
this guy
this guy or
this guy

Ok they can count...
but just so no one forgets, I'm this one!

Oh and Bekah.... you can take me off the mailing list :)