30 June 2006

Supposing ... I'm too old for MySpace

Charlie Brooker: Supposing ... I'm too old for MySpace:
"I don't 'get' it. I mean, I know what MySpace is and what it's supposed to do and how influential it is. It's just that whenever I've visited a MySpace page I've thought 'is that it?' and wandered around the perimeter looking confused, like a blind man patting the walls for an exit he can't find.

So users create a page and upload their music and photos and videoclips; they post blog entries and links to other stuff and leave witty little messages for one another. And it all meshes together to form a thriving social network. Okey dokey. On the surface it all makes sense.

Yet it's not for me. I mean, I could go and create a page myself, but somehow I'd rather scrape my retina off with a car key."

Morning thoughts

Brea is heading for Windsor for a wedding this morning and stopped at the shop to say hi before leaving and brought me a Starbucks' Carmel Sugar Flappa Mappa(or something like that)

Of course I enjoyed it and when it was done I started reading what was on the cup.

The Way I See It #101
The most valuable things in life are
priceless. They are courage,
compassion, wisdom, respect for
ourselves and others and a host of
characteristics that we call the beauty
of the human spirit

-- Herbie Hancock

Ok before you think that I have gone nuts and my comments is on this quote and some deep emotional response you need to see what is written below the quote.

This is the author's opinion, not necessarily that of Starbucks

Is this how they try to weasel out of being accountable for what it says.?.. This isn't a talk show were somebody could accidentally say something stupid this is a coffee cup with a quote that you choose to print. It's not like Starbucks is going to allow anything controversial on the cups...

Oh wait I have an idea.

The Way I See It #102
I am the way and the truth
and the life.
No one comes to the Father
except through me.

-- Jesus Christ

I bet they could use the disclaimer then.

Maybe I've had too much caffeine today

29 June 2006

Too much time on your hands?

click on me

Bass Player Infractions

This was passed along to our shop a while ago by one of our guitar playing sales reps.

If you play with/are a bass player this is kind of fun.
Forgetting strap $10
Changing strings after every set $15
Using electric tuner $15
Setting up mic "just in case" $75
Forgetting to turn amp on $40
Bringing amp larger than 1 person can carry in 1 trip $50
Asking horn player for help moving amp $25
Bringing custom-made bass $100 per string above 4
Bringing more than 1 bass $100 per extra bass

Skull decals on bass $150
Bringing fretless bass $500
The full list is here

28 June 2006

Attention Drivers

The far right lane is the driving lane.
All lanes to the left are passing lanes.

If no one is in the right lane and you are in one of the left lanes;

MOVE OVER!!!!!!!

I don't care where you feel comfortable, if you don't like driving the right way - take a bus, plane, or walk. I don't #&%$ing care - but get out of the way.

I'm done..... back to work

27 June 2006

Random thoughts and links

Is it really fair to have a story like....
"Giant rubber band ball idea circles back around again"
and not have a picture of the ball.... c'mon people

For all you people that have been worried about credit and ID cards being a sign of the end times, you might want to check this out. Floridians Can Now Pay With Their Finger

'nuff for now

26 June 2006

What's sacred to you?

The Charlotte Observer has the story
"What's sacred to you?

'What is your most sacred object?'

How would you respond if a stranger approached and asked you that question? Would you give her a quizzical look? A blank stare? Or would you take a moment to tell her a story about what is most sacred to you, a story you might never have told anyone else?

I set out to see how people in their 20s and 30s would respond to the query. Venturing from the Jewish Community Center on Providence Road to the Islamic Masjid al-Mustafa on The Plaza, from Halal Market & Deli on North Sharon Amity to the Apple Store at SouthPark mall, I posed the question, and people generously shared their stories of the sacred."

Via x.

Let's sing together.... it's a small world after all, It's a small world....

Have you ever been reading along in someone's blog and come across a picture of someone you actually know? I don't mean in the context of reading your sister's blog and find a picture of your mom - c'mon

Today I was catching up on some of my favorites.
I was reading some of Mark Lee's stuff on "This Guy Falls Down"
(a bit of a side note, he is part of the band Third Day, which I've never been a big fan of... I reconize that they do great stuff - but I just felt that I like his writting style and his book of the month stuff and I am not reading just because I am a fan of the band) and he had a link to a blog called "Normal Rockstar" who had this post

I'll assume that you have actually linked to it now.

And look who it is --- Mr. Dave Fretz messing with church signs in the West

Ok, so if you don't know who Dave is, I guess none of this means much... but it is kind of a neat six degrees of seperation type thing.

I wonder if Mark Lee know Kevin Bacon?

My secret place

I know you are wondering what an audio guy looks like when he is hiding from his troubles.....

this in leu of something good to write

23 June 2006

Friday Bla....

I admit that right now I am suposed to be doing work. I stare at the screen and have tried to force my brain to think about Audio and Video systems... I have at least three quotes that should be done by Monday and yet I'm not moving very fast.

My brain is tried of comaring DLP vs LCD projectors, or High Contrast Cinema Vision vs Pearlescent screens, or how to fit a projector that needs to hang within 15% of 21 feet from a wall when the speaker is currently hanging in that exact spot.... is there really a difference between 4500 lumens vs 5000 when the sun will shine dirctly on the screen? Do you add a video amp when one is needed at 100 ft, but you will only be running 95?

disturbing tech moment over

22 June 2006

A Good Baby

Jeff (my cousin) and Angela Good just had a baby...

Here's Jack Michael Good and Daddy


21 June 2006

20 June 2006

Crazy blinking comics

Part of my morning routine is to read "For Better or For Worse" I don't get a news paper so I just read it online. The last two mornings something weird has happened.

Click this link to go to the page - and look for youself, then read on.

(do dee do dee dooo)

Ok, did you notice anything strange?
The comics now blink.

that just seems weird to me. Maybe it's just because I have been reading them on paper for most of my life, that to see some sort of movment is just strange

12 June 2006

Hey everyone, The Gig (my church) is hosting a little

The night will be a bit of a fundraiser - so if you can afford the $5...

you can just send us $5 is you don't like ROCK AND ROLL

Monday Report

Ok, status report.

One week back to gym.

4 for 7 - Keeping in mind:
Friday I had the prep for the crown on my tooth
(more on that later)
Saturday... I was lazy
Sunday is a day of rest.

so far so good....

6 June 2006

Drinking coffee makes you more open-minded

The coffee you drink as a pick-me-up in the morning could also make you more open to persuasion, researchers say. Evidence from a new study suggests that this happens because caffeine revs up the brain, not because it generally boosts mood. (via: New Scientist)

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5 June 2006

Not enough Iron in my life.

Ok, so I haven't been posting in a long time.

ever try doing a google search on the words "long time since my last post"
Ok, not really that exciting, but something to do.

I digress.

So, tomorrow I am going to start going to the gym on a regular basis. I have become out of shape. I don't know if it is the fact that my seatbelt rubs on my gutt or the fact that I huff when moving a speaker... either way I am on the road to fat and weak.... not good.

We see how I do. I write something to keep you up to date on how well I am doing...

It's likely you will never hear from me again.