30 October 2009

Shane Hipps is on the move

I'm a big fan of Shane Hipps.  His two books have played a significant role in my own journey of where technology needs to intersect with life and faith.   Today I picked up on a little news that he is moving to be a teaching pastor at Mars Hill.   That is pretty big news in a way I feel like the fan of the an indy band that has just made it big.  It's cool that Shane will now be part of the Rob Bell big picture and I hope that Shane's teaching about technology and the effects will have a bigger audience.  (Hey Shane, what are the four effects of NOOMA)  But in some way I feel like the hipster kid that now has to share his favourite band/author with everyone.    Any way.... Good hire Mars Hill.

FYI.... wow there are a lot of people that think Rob Bell and now Shane Hipps are teaming up with Satan himself.   Gosh.   I'd link to them, but then they'll just track back here and to be honest I don't need that kind of bother....  Just Google Rob Bell + Shane Hipps and see what you get.

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