10 February 2010

I may have to quit

I spend a lot of time on the web. I love knowing all that is going on in the world
For while I would write blog post to speak about things that I had read else where.  It's funny how quickly you can find the people or organizations that constantly search for mentions about them.   I've had comments from the lead pastor of a major Ontario church, a few different authors that have well know books and a few bloggers that are very well read.   But so what?   I think I got sucked in to feeling some significance becaue of a brush with 'celebrity'

A few years ago I stopped doing a job because I found myself seeking (and at times finding) my identity in that job.   Now life is simpler.   I still work hard at my job, but I think I have found a good balance in not looking for my value in the results of a job.   As a Christian I believe that God needs to fill in the part of us that is always seeking to know that we are "ok"   But I sense that I have started to feel tickled by getting the attention of the web.   I start writing blog posts to see what attention I can get and gosh that's not a good reason. 

I guess I'm just struggling with what's the point of staying up on all these things...  It there really any point to all the debate that happens on the web?   It often just seems like the pointless theological debates the would happen in the lounge at bible college, or a digital version of a yelling matches that would happen in grade school, only with stronger opinions and bigger words.

If I just dropped off the web, Twitter, Facebook would my life be any different...better....worse?
What if I spent the time attempting to get to know my community.  Connecting with people who life in this little community of Torrance.   Would my life be different... better... worse?
Just thinking about it

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Dave Carrol said...

You know why I stay.... or even participated in the first place?

People are they. Many people. People who (rightly or wrongly) are allowing this social online world to shape there world-view of truth.

And Jesus called us to into people's worlds to share light. And so "be all things to all people to reach some" includes this world.

Just a thought