5 July 2014

It's time for the next adventure.

"You have the perfect job!"

It get that a lot.

I thought that too once, maybe I still do at times.
But life is bigger than a job.

So as of the end of September, my family and I will move on to something new.  We just don't know what yet.  (more on that later)

Why you ask?
It comes down to three things really.

1) We miss being a part of a community of friends.   You know those real good friends you call on a Sunday afternoon, because you feel good just being with them.   For Brea and I that is also connected to being part of a faith community or a church.  We want our kids to be part of serving the community and living out faith.  Camp is a good 45 min away from any community like that for us.  Shoot we're 20 min away from groceries.  We miss having real, live friends close by.

2) I'm not really a pure administrator.  Oh I can handle many balls in the air and refine systems till the cows come home, but you know those people that love list and crossing things off list... yep... not me.  Camp Crossroads has grown and my weekly/monthly task list has been added to so much that I just can't keep up with everything.  Most days I go home sick and tired of my job, not camp, just my job.  But my family gets this husk of a person that is left when I walk through the door.  I want every moment to count with my kids and my wife. 

3) The work load in my job as just become too much.  I feel lazy just writing that.  The reason above likely plays into it, but most days I end of back at work in the evening, and usually on weekends for a bit.  I still can't keep up.  There are some great parts to my job, but the pure administration just keep getting bigger and bigger.  I'm not sure that they can change my job to make it better... sometimes you just have to move on.  It's true I live in a crazy beautiful part of the world, but I sit inside most of the day.   I don't want to wake up one day and have people telling me I'm not doing my job well... I can make that call.

So what's next?
I don't know... got any ideas?

One thing I believe is that God is in it.   I know... some of you don't get it when I say stuff like that.  That's ok.   I believe God gives us all the choice to make decisions and to give us options, and when we listen, he tells us.  I'm trying to listen.

For now, I'm not going to worry about it.   I have one summer left at one of the best camps I have ever been at, and I'm not going to waste it.   Because you know what?  I still love camp... still love Camp Crossroads, just don't like being the administrator.   I'm hoping camp will have time to fill my position with some awesome administrative genius that can up the ante from what I have done.

If you know of something pretty cool starting in October, just let me know

And if you know of someone looking for the perfect job.   There is an opening. 

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