30 April 2005

Why I Don't Fit With Emergant

"Even though there are some ways that I feel I really fit with those in the emergent discussion, there are also a bunch of ways that I don’t. I could make a really exhaustive list, but it would probably be way to much for you to read and for me to write, so I’ve pared it down to three things" one mo blog

To hear why someone think he dosen't fit, helps to see why I might fit.


Max said...

Hey Tim. Just followed through Robs' link to get to you and say hi.

Followed through and read a bit on the link in your latest post.

Labels. Semantics. Words are great for communication as long as we don't get embroiled in endless bantering and forget to live the Life! I know you guys have got some great ideas cooking on the burner. Here's to the Gig being about action and relationships!

mo said...

Tim: I had not realized (but I should have) that expressing the reasons that I feel I don't fit may encourage others that they DO fit. Something for me to think about. Thanks for the link.

Max: I couldn't agree more.

Tim G. said...


I hope I didn't offend you (and I'm aware that I must have a little) I guess now I know that I have to watch the way I throw links and my observations around... please forgive a techy that is playing with his thoughts for everyone to see.

I've learned to be more... thoughtful


Thanks for your thoughts. I can't wait to see where it goes

mo said...

No offense taken.