3 May 2005

Sing with me... If I had 35 Million Dollars..

In his letter to the Kitchener Record editor (sorry they don't have letters to the editor online) Andrew Teichroeb writes:

In the April 5 Record, I read the article, Plows May Get $35M Home; Kitchener Councillors Back New Storage Maintenance Buildings, about how the City of Kitchener is planning on spending $35 million for a new "home" for their snow plows. As a volunteer worker with the homeless and an advocate for social justice, I could not pass up the opportunity to address the irony of this idea. Do we as a society truly believe that a new "home" for machines is a higher priority than providing homes for the many homeless people on our streets (our neighbours)? Isn't providing life-giving help to even a few, more important than protecting giant hunks of metal that need no protection? The purpose of this letter is not to attack the City of Kitchener. Rather, it is to question the ideology of an affluent society that lets the disadvantaged and the marginalized fall by the way-side, while looking to its own selfish interests. We all must re-examine where our priorities lie. We can and must do better.

Not a bad point.... Thanks to Alan W. for pointing it out to me... see I do read all those forwards

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