30 October 2005

30.... That was fun

So my friends and family managed to surprise me at The Gig last night. Sharon Williams was able to pull off what I had said the group of friends would not be able to do.
I'll give you the history. We have thrown a few surprise birthday partys for people in the past and well, lets just say it was sloppy. So, I had said they would never be able to throw one for me.
So I had planned that Dad, Mom, Terry and Kris would come down for supper at 5:00. I had a suspision that something was up. Now, I should say that they did get me to The Gig with out me thinking that the party was there.... anyway there were a few things. See Rob is a hugh birthday guy and has rescued me from crappy bithday planns before. He had taken a "well if we can get togther after you parents leave" sort of nonchalant, whatever happens, happens. Not very Rob but not a totally give away.

But it dosen't really matter - the fact is I'm really glad that everyone showed up. And I'm glad that they worked so hard. I would post some pictures - but my camera didn't work. Dad sent me one, maybe I can get a few more

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