20 October 2005

well.... I knew it hurt, but.....

So there I was sitting in the changing room wearing my pretty blue paper smock waiting for the x-ray technician to tell me I could go.

"Is this the first time you've had you hip x-rayed?" she asks from the other side of the curtain.
"Yep, it is" I replied.
yeah, that's not good I thought to myself.

Now listen, I'm not the type of person that automatically thinks things are bad. But, lets face it. The reason people don't go and see the doctor is that it's one thing to hurt.... It's another to know that there is something wrong. Fine line? Maybe but I think it's true.
Anyway, I could just tell that she saw something. Ofcourse I couldn't say anything because I had read the sign on the way in that said (something like) "technician is legally prohibited from discussing any results, you doctor will be forwarded....bla bla bla." But her tone said enough... something was a bit weird.... weird as in - "HOLY COW WHAT IS GROWING ON YOU LEG" well, maybe not... but sort of

So anyway, fastforward to tonight. About 7:30 the phone rings - it's my doctor. Seems this pain that I've had in my hip is Arthritis.... Severe Arthritis. Infact there is even some in my "good" hip.
Well, that explains why it hurts all the time. duh.

So anyway there you go... not even 30 yet and yet another part of my body falling apart.

Mom, was asking what I wanted for my birthday. I don't know - a wheelchair ;)

For those scoring at home.
Here's the list:
Acute Tachycardia
Enlarged Heart
ventricle Regurge
Losing Hair ;)

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