26 February 2007

I'm back (maybe)

Hi... I know that 1 of you checks this often. I don't even need to guess because I have software to check these things.

I've been thinking that I should be adding stuff more often. "why?" you ask.
Well recently some new friends have been around The Gig - Mike and Em. Em has posted some stuff about their experience in coming to The Gig. (you can find that here) It really inspired me in reading how they have found a place where they are not the weird ones. (apparently we have enough weird ones.... ah Alan) :)

But the truth is that their passion has excited me. I don't know that I have done a good job of telling them that. Maybe Mike has software that will tell him I have linked to him and now he will know.... gotta love technology.

So I thought maybe it would be worth putting my thoughts down every once and a while... no promises

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