27 February 2007

Off the radar

Is loosing track of people part of getting older?
I don't mean like forgetting where you put them or where you saw them last - although that is funny too
The last few days have felt that way. How the heck do I loose track of people so quick.
On the weekend I got together with some of my classmates from the Radio and TV at Conestoga. Thanks to Amanda (far left) for the picture
It was a good time and I think we will hang out more often (maybe even get a few of the guys to show up next time) But that got me thinking... "wow we loose track of people so quick"
Carla (first on the left) convinced me that I needed to be on facebook.com - So I added myself to yet another social network
Sidebar - I will NOT be blogging there too :)
And what happens when I add my name. I see that my friend Rachel has added me.... and she is holding a new little baby. So is it possible that a friend that in recent history was a great friend has had a baby and I didn't even know about it. (Ok, actually the other day someone asked me if Rachel had a baby and I didn't know)

You get the point. With all this technology and stuff and I still loose track of people.
Just makes me disapointed.

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