14 November 2008

Am I the only one who wants to follow the rules?

So at Sara's Place we have been trying to shut off the TV and play some games. Monopoly has been the choice a few times and I have come to a solid revelation.

No one plays Monopoly by the rules.
No one I know at least.
Growing up, I was taught the wrong rules, and have always thought I was playing by the rules, which leads me to believe that no one ever has read the rules.
For example:
1) Free parking is only free parking - no money, not even $500

2) You don't have to go around the board once before buying stuff
3) When someone lands on a property and doesn't buy it, it goes up for auction and anyone can buy it
4) You can build houses on any property once you own it.... you don't have to own all the colours

(edit, Matt has quickly pointed out that I was wrong when I was attempting to get the rules right - hats off to Matt)

It is amazing how many times I have discussed this with people over the last few days and I have yet to find someone that knew all four three of the above rules. I'm not saying that no one does, but if you do....

Want to play?


Mat Snyder said...

Alright Tim, now hold up. Those first two rules I can understand, but numbers 3 and 4 seem crazy! Especially number 4.

OK, I just looked up the rules. You are right about number three. Number 4 is wrong though! What rules did you read? Perhaps a double check is in order.

Loving your blog Tim :)

Tim Good said...

Gosh you are right...
ok I had better change that.

Mat said...

Woah. I feel pretty influential. I'm actually really excited to play monopoly with that auction rule. That would make the game start off so much quicker... and balance things out too. Take some of the power away from those double rolls.