9 November 2008

God's Will in an Election

Tim over at Burnside has some great final thought on the election from a theological point of view - jumping off and interview between Sara Palin and James Dobson,
But let's say Dobson's interpretation of God's will is correct, that God's perfect will was for McCain to win. Does that mean we, the people, have the ability to, and in fact did, thwart God's will? If this is the case, then does this limit the power of God or our view of God's power and will in other areas of life and politics? This is a slippery theological slope, but not one that hasn't already been expressed by humanists and liberal Christians. But could this be why Dobson and others called for intervention or a miracle in the election because they felt we, the people, were about to thwart God's perfect will?
I can't quote the whole thing here, but his final statments were very good.
God will do the right thing each day, and we can be a part of that no matter what party we register with or what ballot we cast. In fact, until we separate God's will from the will of "we the people", it may not be possible to see what God is already doing. It matters not who is president, but it matters completely who we serve.
I'm Glad the elections in both Canada and the US are over now we can get back on the topic of Christians working in GOD'S Kingdom right here on earth.

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