9 May 2005

What's on Jesus' iPod?

I love this sort of thing. It's even better than the WWJD.... some where I heard a guy that wrote a book about what kind of car Jesus would drive........ I digress.

"You know he has one. You know it's the big 60GB model, loaded, flawless and gleaming and radiating a strange liquid ethereal glow and couched in a beautiful custom rainbow-colored biodegradable case made of clouds and eagle feathers and wine.

What's on it is, after all, a pertinent query. It is the modern-day personality test. Your iPod's contents are now considered more revealing than your porn collection or your prescription drug addiction. Jesus is a monster music fan. You just know it. After all, Jesus was an agitator. Jesus protested. Jesus battled the demons of the status quo and he defied the sad dictatorial norms of his day and as such the Holy iPod is surely home to a huge number of songs of protest and resistance and hope, rebellion and triumph and joy. Just for starters." Christdot

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