9 May 2005

When God lines things up..... wow!

So my cousin Greg got married on the weekend, and during the usual wait between ceremony and reception Sharon and I were invited to my sister-in-law's house to kill the time. Also invited was a common friend Sarah. She was on her own because both her husband and my brother were in the wedding party.

Any how, we had a great time sitting around and talking about life, and as usual I ended talking about the "Gig". I spent some time talking about how I see that things will happen, how we will get involved with the community and ideas on the venue side of things. (Wow, do I ever like to steal Rob's language at times) I mentioned that the one person that we really need to find is a venue guy...someone that can run things there, which is a creative promo guy and can book events. Sarah's eyes were really big. She went on to explain that Marty, her husband, and she have really felt called to Kitchener. They didn't know why... no family, I am the only friend they have there, but God had really been talking to them each time they are there or drove past.

the short story on Marty is that he is this genius of a promotions guy and back in the day we put on some fun concerts and air bands. We both went into radio at the same time and he still is working there as the promotions director of the Fan 590 but he's tired of that. I want him to meet Rob and talk about it in depth.... but he seemed excited just about the idea.

It is so cool to see God as the architect on this whole thing

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Just a side note..what tim forgot to mention which was the cool "God Moment" is that Sarah had mention Marty would like to promotion and event planning as a ministry..which of course started the whole thing. I can say in all honestly that wow..it is so amazing to sit back an see how God is placing people and things to help with the "gig". Either way if it works or not..I really do believe that its God's way to keep the fire going for Rob and Tim.