30 June 2006

Morning thoughts

Brea is heading for Windsor for a wedding this morning and stopped at the shop to say hi before leaving and brought me a Starbucks' Carmel Sugar Flappa Mappa(or something like that)

Of course I enjoyed it and when it was done I started reading what was on the cup.

The Way I See It #101
The most valuable things in life are
priceless. They are courage,
compassion, wisdom, respect for
ourselves and others and a host of
characteristics that we call the beauty
of the human spirit

-- Herbie Hancock

Ok before you think that I have gone nuts and my comments is on this quote and some deep emotional response you need to see what is written below the quote.

This is the author's opinion, not necessarily that of Starbucks

Is this how they try to weasel out of being accountable for what it says.?.. This isn't a talk show were somebody could accidentally say something stupid this is a coffee cup with a quote that you choose to print. It's not like Starbucks is going to allow anything controversial on the cups...

Oh wait I have an idea.

The Way I See It #102
I am the way and the truth
and the life.
No one comes to the Father
except through me.

-- Jesus Christ

I bet they could use the disclaimer then.

Maybe I've had too much caffeine today

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