22 September 2008


I know somewhere - probably not too far away, someone has it worse.

But, tonight I feel like crap.

First, Brea is gone for 10 days. So aside from the obvious that I miss her... I'm not eating very well.

Second, I was somehow squeezed out of playing bass at the college. I don't even understand how really other than I think it was a big case of bad organizational structure. I was so looking forward to being part of one of the groups at school...now I just feel like and kid watching the party from outside.
I think my bass is older than the girl that got my spot.

Third, today I felt really old and irrelevant. (Giant kudos to anyone that has gone back to school after something like 15 or 20 years.) Not just because of the bass thing.... more because I suddenly feel like people walk around me like the strange guy in the hall. I used to know everyone or would get to know them...but something changed.

Ever try to get rid of all the things that define you only to feel like maybe you were better of being defined by them?

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