17 September 2008

What would Bobby LaBonte do?

Lots of people stick things to the back of their cars. I think I could do a whole series of post on thought I have driving (or sitting still) in traffic...maybe I will.

Some people like to stick those little Fish stickers on the back of their car. You know the ones that are based on the Ichthys. I guess the reason is to identify themselves as Christians and must think such a prominent display on their back tailgate will announce to the world their personal beliefs. Unfortunately, I think most people are worse drivers than they know. We've all cut off someone when we suddenly realized be are about to miss our exit... even the most religious person makes mistakes. (I'm not a deep theologian, but I think speeding is even considered a sin) So then there goes on them Fish-y Religious people cutting people off and driving like a blind man

As a person that does identify him self as a follower of Christ, I would hate to sour fellow commuters to the idea of Christianity simply because at times I might like to pass on the right (but that is likely your fault) or simply be a little brain dead that morning.
So no fish for me.

At times I have thought a little about some reverse psychology - you know maybe throw the Darwin fish on to make the Atheists look bad... ah but then I would have to explain to little old Christian ladies that I don't really think Darwin had all the right ideas. I tend to avoid aggressive Christians with purses.

So that leads to what I have on the back of the van. My NASCAR friends tell me it is a Bobby LaBonte number 18 sticker*. It was there from the prvious owner. It is obviously a NASCAR sticker you know how they look... stuck right there in the left hand corner of the back window. I think this is the perfect solution. When I drive like a jerk, people see the sticker and think "Oh a NASCAR fan, no wonder he drives like an idiot" - Real NASCAR fans will not feel guilty by assosiation because they will say "Look that guy is trying to drive like Bobby" and I think it is ok.... unless maybe I was turning right, because I don't think NASCAR Drivers are allowed to go that direction.

*Because my friends that love NASCAR, to my knowledge, do not have web pages I will simply list their names so that when they figure out the web and Google their names they may find this post: Trevor Belec, Roger Lichti, Brant White - It should also be pointed out that apparently Bobby LaBonte has change his number, so I have his old number... which is good because I will only offend people that used to be Bobby LaBonte fans

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