22 September 2008

Pro Life - All Life

I watching American politics and some of the usual controversy over the abortion issue. I wondered to my self about all the issues that come into play if every unwanted child were kept...what would our society do with them. Sometimes we don't know what to do with Single mom or their kids.

As usual other have said it better:

Take Will Samson:
I started paying attention to how both scripture and the Church define life, this thing that we are all in favor of. Life, from a Christian perspective, is the unborn child in the womb. But it is also the child born in poverty who desperately needs a community to help raise her. From the perspective of both the Bible and the Church, life is the 18 year black male whose only perceived choices are illegal activities or joining the military to fight in Iraq. Christian social teaching rejects the simplistic definition that sees life only as the first nine months, the time in the womb.
We have, to our own discredit, conflated being pro-life to being pro-anti-abortion legislation. Has this made life more sacred? Has this improved the conditions for those most likely to have an abortion, the economically and educationally disadvantaged?
Some day soon I'll come up with some more concrete thoughts of my own


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