22 March 2007

mmmm... Bar - be - que

I am supposed to be doing mt tax return.

Instead I am posting BBQ links for your reading pleasure.

The BBQ Report
Texas Barbecue Festival
How to BBQ Canadian Bacon
The Canadian Barbecue Association
BBQ Bill

Ok... back to productive life.
(I hear that laughing)


Mike said...

Good stuff, Tim. However, it appears us "yanks" were right about the terminology. From the Canadian BBQ association website...

What is Barbecue?

The term "barbecue" is, more often than not, misused. People will take out their "barbecue" on the weekend and quickly "barbecue" some steaks and add some "barbecue" sauce for flavor. Barbecue is not what you cook on, or the dish itself but rather the method of cooking!

The easiest mistake to be made is assuming that that grilling and BBQ are one in the same. Grilling is done over the direct heat of a fire which sears the meat and concentrates the juices on the inside. Barbecue on the other hand is the process of cooking meat at low temperatures for long periods of time. The length of time cooked is what makes the meat tender and moist.

Or as one of our members puts it: "The difference between barbecuing and grilling is about 6 beers!"

Tim G. said...

The fact that you spent the time to read and defend the title of BBQ raises you 5 cool points in my book.

Now, how soon until I get to try this true bbq.

douglas said...

Best BBQ - Moe's in Pismo Beach California.. take me back there please!!!!