15 March 2007

Sunny Flordia - I think...

I left Kitchener thinking that I would blog about my fine trip to Florida and post pictures and write about the ups and downs. Well obviously that hasn't happened.

Here's the nutshell:

-Drive 12 hours with a backseat driver that is way too excitable and has to go to the bathroom much too often. Stopped for food at Cracker Barrel and KFC woo! (sarcastic woo)
- Had to sleep in bed with Trevor Belec.
- Drive 12 hours (see above only I can't remeber the food now)
- Arrive. Nice house we have rented, pool six bedrooms (no more sharing a bed)
- Wednesday - a day of absolutly nothing that Trevor and I managed to have the house to our selves. Sat by the pool with two laptops and music and pizza. Now THAT'S a day off. (and no backseat drivers to be found) - although it took us most of the day to figure out how to get online... no stealing WIFI this year. I don't recomend netZero, but it is working for the three days we need it.
- Thursday. Trade show day one. Trevor and I headout on our own to take on the show floor. lots of audio toys and cool stuff. Not quite Christmas like...but lots of neat stuff for sure.
- the company was taken out for supper. Some neat place that serves all these different forms of meat right off the BBQ slab (Not quite a Texas BBQ so no need to be jealous Mike and Em) certainly I night of fine food. I am not going to bed hungry.

Tomorrow we have a consultants breakfast at.....7:30 crap! I should be in bed. see my dedication to you people.


gig said...

good thing back seat drivers don't read blogs.or maybethen......

EmJ. said...

Yeah...what you had then wasn't true BBQ...it was grilled. Darn Canadians lump-summing words! :) You should "swing" thru TX or OK for some REAL BBQ!! We're getting a grill (for you Canadians...a BBQ) this weekend, so when you get back we'll be feasting on real BBQ!! Come join us!