19 March 2007

When the day is said and done

The day was a stressful one. I won't get into it but it was... But tonight at The Gig we had a meeting where we (those leading the charge) had a chance to talk about the vision of the venue side - The Gig Theatre - and all that it's about.

I feel God saying, "This is what you are about" - I felt relaxed and calm and ready to change the city. There were excited faces and people that get it - and I believe more will come. When you stop and tell people about all that has happening in 15 months - wow cool things are happening.

I saw the excitement in the eyes of a guy named Doug. He said "I didn't think such a place existed" - this is not the first time I have heard this from people. It is so cool that people are coming to discover The Gig (and sometimes from such strange circumstances or referrals) But here is a guy that is passionate about art, music and tech and is (was) looking for a place to be in community and worship God. :)

Thanks to everyone that has seen my stress over the last little bit -it's not going away just yet. But I know that God is changing the way that I look at life... we'll see where that goes.

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Mike said...

If Doug is the same Doug I think you are talking about when you talk about Doug, then I think we know Doug. We met him back at Living Word and he came to the party Sunday night. Doug plays a pretty mean bass too!