11 March 2007


no, I've not quit my job or anything like that. I have decided that no matter what, the next week is going to be stress free. Well, as stress free as a business trip to Florida can be. Tomorrow morning the gang from work and I head out for sunny Orlando. (Figures that we leave just as the weather get nice)

I decided today that because the last few (87) weeks have been stressful, I am going to enjoy this trip. It is my kind of gadety, tech filled greatness that I enjoy. And even better I have Trevor with me so it's not me and the old folks like the past few years. Maybe we find something to do at night other than sit around the house.

Anyway... to everyone around me that has put up with my stressed out person the last few weeks, sorry about that. I hoping that I can leave that below the border.

Might even try and post some touristy shots if I have some time.

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