22 February 2006

hmmm .....

Here you go... I like these questions every so often.
(not too often you bible college freaks)

Christdot :: Christ. Period.: "This is a question I've considered off-and-on for some time. If God is eternal, existing outside of time, can we pray regarding past events? As a practical example, if we happen to pass by a car accident, might we not pray, 'Lord, I pray no one was seriously injured?'

Now, I recognize that the past is a closed book. What has happened has happened, and cannot be changed. If the past had been different, then this present would not exist.

However, God exists outside time, if I understand correctly. Could not, then, He hear His people praying 10 years from now for some event that is occuring today, and answer their prayers in the future by acting in our present? Perhaps, what actually did happen in the past may have been affected by God's knowing that, in the future, someone would pray regarding the event? Perhaps, when a car accident is happening, God knows that I will pass by it later, and hears my future prayer that no one was seriously injured, and answers that future prayer by saving those involved now from serious harm?

What think ye?"

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Tash said...

really good question Tim.. I dont know the answer. if you do find it out tell me.