6 February 2006


Ok, so on day two I have hit a snag.

I don't think I will go into it here... but, there was a bit of an emergency and with good reason, I will not be provided a lunch.

BUT have no fear.
I will not have this adventure stop before it really begins - and afterall I do have to eat.

so, as promised on a daily basis is:

What Tim Good Had For Lunch

This is a Quizno's 9" Black Angus... I followed it with a Pepsi Lime (no picture included)

for anyone that is concerned about the lack of real posting... sorry I had a full weekend and just wasn't at my computer. Real posting to return soon


Sharon Williams said...

Tim..I think you and I should have a copetition on what we eat for lunch and see who has a better one..seeing as I have to create mine on my own (not help from a co-worker..I mean family memeber) what do you say are you up for the challenge...I'm not afraid

Julie said...

I think this is a real post :)

Tim G. said...

Sharon: Feel free to post a link or describe what you had for lunch... If people would like to vote or such that would be fine

Sharon Williams said...

Well Tim...I'm all talk..what can I say I realized I don't know how to link..which of course you knew. And I don't have camera to take pictures of my lunch..so yeah I already give up..sorry man. I will try better next time