16 February 2006

No really.... not dead

So my world seems to be revolving around my tooth right now.

Not really that bad, but every time I eat I am very aware that it is NOT in good shape.
So where do I begin...?

I went to the dentist and he told me what I knew - giant chip, abscess nerve. ($65)
then the new information began.
I have two choices:
1) pull it out.. $90
2) root canal.. $800

Now my friend Janice (who is a Dental Assistant) said that she feels for me, but gave me all the reasons I should look at having the root canal. Things like the teeth on either side will move once there is a space and if a bridge was needed later it would cost more.

Guess I should have stayed in radio where I had dental benifits......... HA! (actually there might be more on that later.)

So ok, if that wasn't enough.... the Dentist game me a precription for something call Clindmycin (that could be off by a few letters - because I can't read the writing or pronounce it) (don't know what that will cost) but here's the thing... my cousin, Cam, had this very stuff days ago... similar tooth problem. It gave him chest pains and his Doctor told him that is was way too strong of stuff for a tooth problem.

So I figured I better call my doctor to see what this stuff mean to me. But aparently on Thursday's they don't answer the phone... tried the alternate number, but that isn't manned until 5:30...

guess I'll try again tomorrow.... maybe my tooth will stop hurting by then.

Well actually I have found a good temporary solution. I numb it with clove oil and then pack the hole wiht ortho wax. Throbs a bit... but not a sharp pain.

So that's the way this week is going.... forget what I ate for lunch.

What Happened to Tim Good's Tooth.

(oh and if you have an extra 800 bucks lying around.... )

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Sharon Willaims said...

Hey Tim

Well depending on how my car search goes and all that fun stuff that goes with that I just may have some extra fundage to help you out..I'll keep prayin' though