7 February 2006

It Would Be an Honor to be Shot by Jack Bauer

Here's the fact. I read web sites... and watch little TV. The only show that I consistently watch is 24... thanks to Jon and Marty (when business meetings at The Gig go too long)
There are actually a few things I hate about the show... can you drive anywhere in LA in 20 min at 8:00 in the morning... let alone zip to three different places in under an hour and save the world
So for all you 24 fans I found this funny, I hope you do too.
(if you're not a 24 fan... WTGHFL will take place between 1:00 and 2:00 -- oh wait that was a 24 inside joke... never mind)

branthansen's Xanga Site:
"Years from now, scholars will be debating:
Did '24" A) just flat-out rock, or B) what?

I submit that "A" will ultimately win the day. "24" kicks rear end, and then takes names. My name. It kicks my rear end, and then takes my name, Brant Hansen.

My rear end kicked, and my name thusly taken, I then continue to mull why it is that "24" is so awesomely awesome.

I think it's the writing and editing. It's taut. No fat in show. Where another show might establish with a three-minute dialogue, "24" uses a mere facial gesture.

Scholars will also be hosting symposia, submitting papers, all discussing this question: Did Jack Bauer pretty much rock the casbah?
Their answer? Why, yes. Yes, he did.

By 10:39 a.m., Jack Bauer did that. And he did a whole bunch of other stuff, too. He did it without a bathroom break or well-balanced breakfast. Yes, he’s courageous, intelligent, resourceful, but above all, Jack Bauer is busy.

Frankly, there's only one metaphor to describe CIA Agent Jack Bauer's counter-terrorism busy-ness: That metaphor would be a bee.

Greatest TV drama ever.

In other news, "Lost" is stupid."

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Julie said...

24 rocks - just wondered if you've seen this, it's funny...


Dave Barry has a portion of his site dedicated to 24, if you ever miss one check it out...