22 February 2006

Three Dentists and the tooth

For starters the internet at work has not been working at all.
At one point today 46 kb/s dial up is 56.6 for Pete's sake!!! so what I'm trying to say... posting at work takes up much needed bandwidth.

Anti plug of the day These guys suck.

Anyhow... aside from the post below the tooth has been the only lost of income source of fun in my life the last few days.

Question: How many Dentists can you see and still have 0 work done.
Answer: So far..... three

I've seen the Hack, the Nice guy that dosen't do root canals, and the specialist that gave me another option..... Ok now part of it is my fault because I hate needles... so NEXT Tuesday I will get my root canal done... and be put almost out... woo!
(and for the low low price of $800 - 1100 dollars)

But I guess if my heart and hips don't work, I might as well have a mouth that does

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