2 February 2006

What's New

Ok, so it's been a couple of busy nights and I figured it is not the best idea to spend a lot of paid work time updating. But rest assured I did not stop living for the none posting time.

Last night, thanks to a $400 gift certificate a group of us (mostly from The Gig) went to Toronto to dine at Pure Spirits Oyster Bar and Grill in the Distillery District. Whoa good eating... and a cool place to go tol. But bring a rich friend of someone that used to work for a radio station promotions department :) By the way... even to walk around the Distillery District is a cool experience, if you've got nothing to do in T.O. some day.

Tuesday night Rob, Marty and I went to Faith Family Church in Beamsville to give a presentation on all that is going on with The Gig. They are a small church, but they want to support us - very cool and some good discussion... Plus I got to drive Marty and Sara's VW Golf. With no working speedometer I made it to and home in record time :)

Laundry tonight.... I'm sure I'll have much more to post on.

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