24 January 2006

American Idol

Why do people still try out for american idol? Why do people even watch american idol?

I just wasted five minutes of my life watching the fools that think they can sing embarrass themselves on (multi)national TV.

I can not sing - not very well at least. I know I can not sing.
Even if I did not know that I can not sing, my friends, family and who ever is left would laugh if I said I was going to try and get a record contract.

But yet all these people show up to be laughed at publicly with tape rolling.

oh well....

do they have a sound guy idol? hmmm

1 comment:

Toby Deitrich said...

I've actually only seen about 5 minutes of Idol in my life. No idea what it looks like these days.

I see that you're into music and audio design. So is my younger brother Andy, who lives in Chicago. Check out his website if you've got some surfing time.