16 January 2006

a letter to the Emerging church

This letter has some interesting points - feel free to comment.

"I'm a boomer but I really like emergents. Really. Most of the responses to my columns are from emergents and of course all of my students fit this age group. I like emergents - perhaps too much. Recently I was asked how I'd fare if I left the classroom and had to jump into pastoring. My response: “I'd probably do OK with those under 30 but I might be ineffective with the older more traditional people.” I spend just about all of my time with emergents and I really like you a lot."

In the light of what we are trying to do with The Gig I think we not even in the scope of the warnings... Shoot the "gather to be real" is kind of hard if you don't have the assembly. And I personally don't understand how you drop Jesus out of Christianity.... comment away

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