11 January 2006


Why must they be so stupid?

First, if you are going to learn to cook to impress the girl, then PLEASE learn to clean up as well. I bet this is equally as impressive to the opposite sex (Ladies back me up here?)

Second, if you think you ARE cleaning.... Can we please look at the pot when we are done?

A big wok that is barely three weeks old should not have grease build-up already.

Sometimes that brush with the soap built in will not clean everything.
I liked it better when I just had to deal with the remaining bags from the three fast food meals sitting in the living room.......... and don't get me started on what day garbage day is

my apologies to the 2 roommates that I had over the years that don't fit the mold


Will Powers said...

I think you're so funny and apt in your observations! Very cool!!!!

What day is the garbage day? I never know!!

Anonymous said...


I think the roomate thing, maybe coming to an end for you. I am just laughing cause I think the cleaning thing hasn't been the easist for you and roomates. Well here's to hoping "someone" clues in. I think I'm going to have start funnier things on my blog..what ya think


Kimberly said...

Just backing you up...as a woman, CLEANING is far more impressive than cooking. There is nothing sexier than a man cleaning so you dont have to ;)