11 January 2006

Camp People

Surfing along Liam Hill has this very good list....
which I made a bit shorter, forgive me

You know you are a camp person if.

*80% of your clothing shows evidence of paint.
*Abnormality is a compliment.
*Being at home makes you homesick.
*Dressing up only involves slightly cleaner clothes.
*Sandal/watch tan lines are a competition.
*Screaming and running at the same time is a coveted skill.
*Sharpies, pens and duct tape are worth more than gold.
*Camp has been over for 22 minutes, and you're already thinking about
next summer.
*You are convinced that there is no way you can date someone who is
not a camp guy/girl, because no one else really understands.
*You can make anything out of duct tape, including band-aids.
*You can make up a song about anything.
*You have a camp set of clothes.
*You don't do this for the money - and you mean it.
*You have no clue what's on TV until mid-September, cause you watch it at camp.
*You have to routinely prevent yourself from shouting, "walk,
please!" or "where's your buddy?" at random kids at the mall/at the
grocery store, etc.
*You know all 753 1/2 verses of "Let me see your Funky Chicken"
*You know exactly how to get to camp from home by car, boat, plane or
any other means of transportation.
*You know that laughter, hiccups, sneezes, itching, and yawns are
*You never refuse free food.
*You still enjoy the same songs you did at 5 years old.
*Your primary method of diplomatic resolution is rock, paper, and
*Your tan lines are also your dirt lines.
*Your voice quality at the end of the week is inversely proportionate
to how good it was.
*Your year only has two seasons. (Summer and Non-summer)
Well I do own a shirt that says "is it summer yet?"

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