19 January 2006

Will the real Tim Good please stand up

I get a lot of email some days.
Some days, some of it doesn't make sense... and no, I'm not talking about Alan Waugh (sorry inside joke) Today it was one of those days

I got the following:
Hello Everyone! I hope for those of you who are here in the area that you are enjoying this most fabulous weather we are having!

I am looking for a few people who would be willing to share special music with us during song service Sunday, coming up in two weeks. This could be anything from playing piano to singing in a quartet to singing a solo, etc. Please don't be shy about volunteering either. I know I sometimes feel kind of strange offering to sing, but we have gifts that God gave us to share with others and if you feel led to do that then by all means, bring it on! J

You can email me or talk to me in church on Sunday if you are interested. Also, if you do not want to receive these Taftsville group communication emails, please let me know.



First, I don't think I know a Bekah... and when I examined the addresses I didn't know anyone. (Not even the Randy & Carie Good) But I did notice my name and my gmail address
Some lucky spamer will now put 2 and 2 together..... crap

I guess somewhere in Taftsville, Vermont there is another Tim Good... who can possibly sing or play some none-bass-dwelling instrument. That people would actually like to hear played solo
Insert Bass solo here.

But it's scary interesting to think of how many Tim Good's are out there....
not counting
this guy
this guy or
this guy

Ok they can count...
but just so no one forgets, I'm this one!

Oh and Bekah.... you can take me off the mailing list :)


Tim(othy) Good said...

Hey Tim, this is...uh, Tim...

/me stands up

Sorry for the confusion!

Isn't Teh Intarweb a crazy place?

Rebekah said...

Tim, my favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption too!!!!! Wow!
I took you off the mailing list for Taftsville. The email made for some fun conversation at church today, and then I was told you posted my email on your blog! Very cool!

Bekah Deitrich

Toby Deitrich said...

I think I can be blamed for the whole ordeal. I emailed the whole church a year ago, and included the wrong email address for our dear Tim Good in the recipient list. I think the incorrect address has been propagating ever since.

Sorry Tim Good, um, from Kitchener. Should we start using middle names?