26 January 2006


Seems there is a pretty cool event that will happen in Toronto in April

anyone else want to go?

thanks to Mr Cooper's site


Toby Deitrich said...

It's a touch ironic... a conference to talk about how church as we know it doesn't work anymore. A highly structured GATHERING to listen to speakers 'lecture' on how structured GATHERINGS don't really work any longer...

I want to experience Jesus' power in my daily life. I want to be overwhelmed by it. Too many times in the past I've gone to conferences or the like and had a 'mountaintop' experience that fizzled.

Tim G. said...

I think I would disagree with you - at least on you first point.

From reading some of each key speakers work, the idea is not to break down the structure and gathering. The idea is to break down the way we play church... break down the way we are never real with each other... break down the way we try to build control of people and facilities.

as for the mountain top experience - for me this is not a hype thing. This is a confimation that there are others that are tired of playing church and are ahead of where I am at. Have beat a new trail and have (in my opinion) had sucess at being the church... not going to church.