15 January 2006

The Smartest Liberal I know

Warren Kinsella:
Former Liberal advisor

Let's recap: Beer and popcorn. RCMP criminal investigations. Likening opponents to animals. OSC and SEC investigations. Whiplash-inducing flip-flops. Leaked platforms. Constitutional amendments dropped in the middle of televised debates. An attack ad that defames the military and is a flat-out lie. Candidates attacking their leader and their own campaign.

That's the Liberal Party of Canada, folks -- and just in the past few weeks. That doesn't even include what Paul Martin has done to the Liberal Party since he took it over in December, 2003. There's only so much stuff I can fit into the space the Post gives to Mercer, Crosbie, the scary-smart kid and me.

The numbers will shift around a little bit in the next few days, but the fundamentals won't change: Stephen Harper will ride a wave of change into the subsidized housing unit at 24 Sussex. Paul Martin will join John Turner and Kim Campbell as historical footnotes. I say this as a card-carrying Liberal who intends to vote for my local Liberal MP: The Liberal Party of Canada deserves to lose. We need a spell in the penalty box -- to get a new leader, new ideas, new caucus members. We need renewal.

If a Stephen Harper minority is the best way to achieve that, that's a-OK by me."

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