8 January 2006

The Gig opens

I have added two fairly obscure and typically simple posts today without any mention to the fact that The Gig opened it's doors today.
yep, slap on the wrist, now back to work.
It was a long time coming, but finally we held the first public service. It was bit strange to see it finally happen and I'm sure there are others that will have much more profound things to say. For me the moment I realized that this was going to be real and people were going to catch the Vision was a few minutes into Rob's invatation for open floor "What If?"comments... people started to catch on.

Not just to the "what if" premis but to the meaning behind the what if's

What if It could be real
What if It could fail publicly
What if everyone saw each other the same
What if kids can be a part of a service
What if rich and poor saw each other the same
What if.........
ok, I'm not sticking totally the words at the time,but that was the idea and people got it and were excited. I'm excited.

I can't wait for the next three weeks as we discover together
"We gather to be real, go to love and live to reveal" in it's three parts.

It's been a long jouney talking about what church could be, and I saw a glimps this morning of what it will be

very cool


Joyce said...

That's really cool, congrats! Looks like God is doing some pretty cool things in KW these days :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim

I think you got it when you walk into the theatre and said "wow" there's people in here. I too sat in the theatre and was just in awe that God really is in this place and he is behind it all the way. I am so honoured to be apart of it, and its cool to see what you and Rob put so much dream and thought into come alive.

I too look forward to the next sundays