26 January 2006

The book rotation

It's kind of funny how books go in circles - (read below on my "million little pieces" experience) and everyone seems to catch on.
I read This Guy Falls Down almost on a daily basis and I love how he has his own little book of the month club (screw Oprah)
"Once again, I'm responding to the requests of the loyal book club members. February's selection is Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. You may have heard of Bell through his work on the groundbreaking NOOMA video series. He also has written this book which has been recommended to me several times. I haven't completed this one yet (I hope to have it done by the beginning of February), but the upshot is I'll have just finished it when discussion time rolls around."

and it's cool because Brea mentioned this book this week and Rob mentioned it as well. It does look interesting... I think it's time to sell my TV to make sure I actually read these books that keep coming up..... or I could stop blogging like Rob :)

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