12 January 2006

Tried of the election yet?

I don't know about you, but I love watching The Hour on CBC.
I remeber listening to George Stroumboulopoulos 102.1 the edge and even then thought he had some substance to him. I think The Hour does a good job covering a wide variety of news issues and trying to actauly take a low bias stance.

Tonight they did a feature on the "Christian Right" a term that somehow makes me nautious every time I hear it. I've never really understood the whole right and left thing anyway.
maybe I was sleeping in grade 11 social studies class or something.
But I do know that I tend to lean right in money and a bit left in social (ie homelessness, healthcare etc.)
But how come the fact that many Christians are going to go out and vote or even worse are making sure that lots of Christians go out and vote is making news... Isn't that a good thing?

I guess I get it - the minority fear that if people.... and in this case the evil right sided people, actually go out and vote then this country might vote someone in that supports the people that voted for them.

It's not simple... but I'm still voting against the Liberals because I remember them promising to scrap the GST... they didn't (remember stupid Hamilton voting Sheila Copps back in when she said she'd step down if the GST didn't come off.... stupid stupid stupid)

No Government it perfect - but I don't trust the currrent one, time for a new one.
And by the way I think my local Conservative guy is worth the vote.
maybe I should have a sign up


Kalyrn said...

What most people worry about when they talk of the "Christian right" is that you have voters that vote on one or two issues that they feel are the most important at the expense of the other issues that they don't necessary support. For the most part the " Christian right" is used in America Politics and seems to refer to the far right as in fundamentalist and evangelicals. Most people of faith are expected to vote conservative based on "values" and not on policy. This is not true unless the voters turn out is low. In that case any special interest group that gathers its members to vote a certain way can have a disproportional influence on an election.

Missy B said...

The "Christian Right" generally creeps me out (and yes, I am somone who was raised Christian, Baptised and Confirmed) because of the perception that they are very socially conservative... to the point where I would fear for my individual rights if their influennce ever became dominating (my right as a woman to choose about intimate issues regarding my own body, for instance).

I don't really "fear" them as long as I don't feal their influence is too strong; I disagree, obviously, but I don't fear.

none said...

There is no Christian Right because there is no such thing as the Christian left because the left ignore the Word of God. If Christians are considered right wing, I think its because that the left have abandoned Christ with issues like abortion etc.