15 January 2006

Gentlemen, Start Your Mass Chaos

Ok folks this made me laugh for sure.

"Gentlemen, Start Your Mass Chaos

This so messed-up.

There's this guy, uh, 'Dave', who has an idea he thinks would actually work for a reality TV show to air next month.

Dave thinks reality TV is so boring, so cliche, that it needs something to shake it up. I'm ashamed of Dave's idea. How tasteless can you get?

Dave says America would go for this. I, of course, say no way, our country has not sunk this low. He thinks it would get great ratings. I think he's on drugs for even coming up with this idea for a show:

It’s the night before the Daytona 500. All the NASCAR fans are parked in their RV’s, partying it up in the infield before the race. It’s crowded and festive.

In comes a garish, pink RV, with flashing pink lights. It has flowers on it, and California license plates. It takes its place in the center of the action. Ten guys flamboyantly come out, wearing pink cut-offs and tight outfits and stuff. Then they unfurl a huge, easily-read sign.

The sign has a big pink number “3” on it, in familiar NASCAR font. The sign also says: “HE WAS ONE OF US.”

Viewers are clued in ahead of time that the ten guys are actually plants: the ten highest-rated martial arts experts in the U.S. But none of the NASCAR fans knows that. We just watch the evening develop. Live.

Dave says don't even tell him you wouldn't watch that. Yes, there are insurance issues. Yes, the pink guys would have to have to be wearing Kevlar polos or something. And yes, it’s tasteless, which is why I’m so ashamed of Dave for conceiving this. I’m right there with you, pretty dang offended.

I worry about Dave's mind sometimes.


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Toby Deitrich said...

I'd definitely want to see that.