15 January 2006

One more Election post today

Angry in the Great White North:
"The Globe and Mail has officially announced its endorsement of Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada.

In the endorsement, it explains the reasons to vote for Stephen Harper and against voting for Paul Martin:

Mr. Martin himself has shifted all over the map in recent years — on ballistic missile defence, on same-sex marriage, on the Clarity Act. In the run-up to the election in June of 2004, we wrote: “We wish Mr. Martin had afforded himself the opportunity of an 18-month tryout before going to the polls. Now the voters have the opportunity to impose a probationary period themselves.”

Mr. Martin did not pass that 18-month probation. He doesn't deserve the public's opprobrium, or an electoral wipeout, but neither has he earned the right to a fifth Liberal term. A spell out of power would give the Liberals the time they so clearly need to renew themselves.

In that same 2004 editorial, we characterized Mr. Harper as “a product of Central Canadian caution and Alberta's can-do frontier mentality.” But, noting his propensity to “respond to challengers withquiet contempt and truculence,” we expressed doubt that he had “matured into a truly national leader.”

There is greater reason to feel comfortable with Mr. Harper today. He has shown himself to be an intelligent man and one, in this campaign at least, who has learned to master his emotions. He has gained control of a party inclined to fly off in all directions, moved it to the centre and proposed a reasonable if imperfect governing platform. His targeted tax measures are measured, his defence policies are sound, and his approach to waiting times is worth experimenting with.

His pledge not to use the notwithstanding clause on same-sex marriage provides some comfort, as does his promise not to reopen the abortion debate. In both cases, he has demonstrated a deft political touch, giving something to his base but leaving himself ample political room to steer clear of unn"

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